[RELEASE] GangWars (Old project which I began working on again)

Well, it isn’t a lot, but hopefully someone can learn from it. I stopped working on it after 3 days after re-starting it.

It’s nothing special tho.

The weapons are from Darkland (SEOW2) which I used as a test base.

It has:
A police dealer (Currently selling Ammo and a riot shield)
Money and salary system (Using file.write and file.read with NWVars (Was also a test thingie))
A weapon base (Darklands)
Easy job adding
Easy item adding

I’m still trying to do nice designs, but it always looks ugly as fuck.

The job selection is NOT fully optimized (I was going to add a easier way to add categories.)

Replace your SteamID with mine at config.lua - line 52
Also on player.lua - line 61

(Stebbzor gets the credit for the chat bubble above the dealer)
You can set the position of the NPC in base/server/npcspawns.lua

Picture of team selection menu:



You are aware that there is already something called GangWars right?

Yep, doesn’t mean this can’t be called GangWars too :stuck_out_tongue:

True, but it would be a very retarded thing to do.

Get ready for a lawsuit, the people at www.gangwarsrp.com get real serious about this.

I had that name before them, so I couldn’t care less.

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Not to mention their is GangWarsRP

I think the Player models should be the NYPD Players.

Well, my main reason of not doing that is because of more and more custom content which would require more downloading.

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And if they get that butthurt, I will be more than happy to change the name. :stuck_out_tongue:


dat money

What happend? Was it something with the code? I’m used to things working for me, but screwing up for others :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll check into it, but no all I did was become a builder, spawn a few props each time (Which subtracted my money by $100), even past $0.
Running vanilla GangWars.

Also, arrest stick error:


Player:KillSilent() is serverside only. I’m guessing this wasn’t your mistake though, judging by the author is named “Drew”.
IMO bad idea using Player:KillSilent() anyways, since they respawn with a new player model.

It appears the cop’s weapon, Glock 17, doesn’t work - it doesn’t shoot at all.
Gun model doesn’t show up when just standing still.


And you can just barely see the gun when running.


I don’t think I checked for the builders CanAfford meta.