[Release] gm_Cliffyscape


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gm_Cliffyscape is a hybrid roleplay/sandbox map with many secrets to find!

It features:
-4 restaurants, 3 of which are ran by competing youtubers
-The Groverhaus
-The Squidward Community College
-A Pokemon convention that can become a furry convention
-An elaborate railway network with train stations!
-A Movie Theatre with working seats
-Police station and Courthouse
-Department of Daemonology + healing spring
-Sports Stadium / Boss Fight Arena
-Looping highway with dangerous offramps
-A Municipal Pool with nothing special at all
-A spawn pond that totally doesn’t have a submarine bay what are you talking about
-A boss fight
-Karaoke night

I was going to post more images but I’m a new user…

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That’s quite the enticing trailer, and


Yep, go to the demon hunters castle to find all the seals to start the boss fight!

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