[Release]H3: ODST models

Just the models, not in source yet. Contains all permutations from the “odst” game biped thanks to private source emf files, original bonesets and rigging (plus IK chains and controllers), and all bitmaps (which can now be extracted, yes even bsp bitmaps[civil]) thanks to Graveminds Adjutant app, a newly developed app that is continually worked on that supports near complete bitmap extraction from both h3, and h3:odst, plus meta information on shader data/model info/etc. Everything is organized into layers according to permutation, max files are 2010.





Im just a random guy from the halomaps forums thats been lurking around for no apparent reason, and i guess i feel somewhat grateful that somebody from here came to halomaps with a gift sure enough (halo reach spartan), for a community still playing/porting on an ancient 10 year old engine :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Big thanks to M16 assault who gave me the emf’s

These look awesome.Wish I could port,Id love to use these.

Changing stuff on a already released halo 3 odst model.



They are there, check in “…h3/odst/objects/characters/odst_recon/fp/bitmaps/source” for the fp arms specular, most of the speculars i left in the source folders because hce doesnt really use them by themselves.

EDIT: There are multiple specular maps in some cases, odst uses some weird kinda setup with its channels unlike the other games, the green channel in the “material” bitmaps is usually the closest looking to a specmap that i can discern , i have no clue what the other two channels are, i seperated all the channels into 1-3 the specular for the fp arms. the one i see most accurate to ingame footage is “fp_arms_spec3”.

Also ive just realized that i forgot to add Johnson’s teeth model and rigging :[ forgive me.

awesome lol i was wondering when the models i gave M16 Assault,would make it’s way over from halomaps.org to here, hope someone puts it ingame, cause no one has truly put the real H3 odst ingame

Halo 3: Odst Police pelican:

Where did you find the textures for that thing? i swear i looked just about everywhere in each of the map files… :[

Good work though

Civil you always make great stuff. :smile: Will it have the spotlight on the bottom?

It will if someone takes its emf and gets it in source, the model there is the halo 3 pelican standard model.

I got them from Corra_Ashu, he says his method to getting them is a secret.

lol, guess thats why i never found them.

Here it is: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/54374248/Police%20Pelican.rar

Thanks a bunch!

Fantastic! Thank you and Gravemind a ton!

Thanks for the models! Also wow, looks like the HCE community is still kicking.

Ya it is,theres a couple full servers most of the time, I still get on a lot.

I tried making a custom map once, could not figure out the tools… Even to this day I am still baffled.

If we needed a custom map our clan usually had this one angry quebec french kid called Opsy make it.

I believe some one already did ODST models… but maybe it was Halo 3 or ODST depending on which game you are doing :stuck_out_tongue:

Odsts have been ported but only Mickie, rookie, and Romeo’s armor and none of the characters faces were ported with them.

You can only say that someone did models when they are released, BlooCobalts halo 3 odsts edit is not released.


I believe someone could do a equally good looking set as that or much better with the original halo 3 odst odsts and a proper set of shaders, unlike the fallout mod stuff already released because my edit of those models actually showed some similarity to the original models.

BlooCobalt is under the mindset that everything that is unrealistically shiny (Everything in the halo games if you want it to look like it does there) is ugly. Example, he would port the halo 3 banshee with a very weak envmaptint because “it looks more real that way”.

Did Bloo say when those would be released?