[RELEASE] Halo 3/ODST Map Props Pack

A large collection of map prop from Halo 3 and Halo 3 ODST

-Civilian Vehicles
-Industrial Object (pallet,generator,container,etc)
-Covenant Barrier and Antenna
-Troop Warthog
-Crashed and Police Pelican
-Bonus objects from Halo Reach

Each vehicle has both destroyed and intact version

Hopefully there will be workshop version soon

Feel free to use in your own maps, addon, gamemode, mod, etc








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But a lot of these are missing $mostlyopaque. Kind of kills their usefulness for poses and SFM.

you have props but no map meshes? why

Oh yeah baby!

If there are map mesh, I cannot find them with Adjutant

This is like “awesome” to the 117th power. Great job.

Ooh, can’t wait to come up with a good idea and try these props out.

Good job bro.

Hell yeees

Uh, wanted to use these in SFM.

Nice job on these. Can’t wait to use them for future scenebuilds.

This is hugely important, But fantastic release.
I love seeing these kinds of things get ported over, so good job.

What is $mostlyopaque? I have never heard of that before

It’s a line in the QC which enables dynamic shadows on the models.

Thank you, I will use when I make my Halo Reach Prop pack ^^

Bsp meshes cannot be extracted atm.

but there are other ways of extraction yes?

To my knowledge, no. Every Halo title beyond Halo 2 has been a console title only, so other methods such as using Ninja Ripper or something similar are pretty much useless.

Holy crap, those cars are awesome as fuck. Nice work. I think Mass Effect’s Earth could’ve done with something like that.



I thought I would show every one these, they are props from Reach, pose able with the joint tool, or in SFM, I found a way to keep the skeleton Bungie gave them

Did add $mostlyopaque, dynamic shadows should work