Tired of seeing “Admin how do I play?”, “Admin to me, how to be gangster” spammed in admin chat? The Help NPC is a great answer to the questions of new players. Rather than requiring an admin to teach the basics to every new player that joins, this NPC does the job itself. A small but nice addition to any server. Yes, I know this is basic. But, it’s a free release, you can use it as you please.


Video (Bad Quality, and mouse is hidden, my apologies).





  • Supports every gamemode.
  • Tiny file size, no FPS impact whatsoever.
  • Easy to use config, almost everything is customisable.
  • All changes can be made without restarting the server!
  • Includes 4 preset themes to choose from, or create your own.
  • Choose the number of questions to use, from 1 to 6.
  • Supports any NPC model.
  • Every single question and answer is customisable to your liking.
  • Auto text wrapping, so you don’t need to worry about writing moving out of the panel.
  • 3D2D text above the NPCs head that follows the player.


  1. Extract the zip file.
  2. Drag and drop the folder into garrysmod/addons
  3. Edit help_npc>lua>autorun>client>cl_helpnpc_config to your liking
  4. Restart your server and spawn the NPC from Entities>Other>Help NPC
  5. To save the NPC, use the Perma Prop tool (command coming soon)
  6. Finished! Your players can now use the NPC


If you would like to change the model of the NPC, you can do so in help_npc>lua>entities>helpnpc_npc>init.lua


As this is a free release, I do not offer support. However, if there is something you REALLY need to ask, add me on Steam (www.steamcommunity.com/id/shaunthehuman)


As with all NPC based addons, playermodels will not work for the NPC model. They will be T Posed, not animated.


Since you seem to be new here, I would suggest using github instead of mediafire or some other direct link.

Oh okay. Why do you suggest that?

Because mediafire is rubbish and we can actually see what we are downloading from github plus other advanced options.

Now available for download on GitHub, as per request.

Nice work.

Thanks buddy, I appreciate it.

Looks pretty cool and handy!

Thanks dude

I’d love to have such a radar though… Mind uploading it too? :o

You mean that GTA V Radar?
That is a paid addon

Nice work, happy to see some free content coming out!

Not sure why this comment has been marked as dumb, it’s correct. The radar is a part of the GTA V HUD from Scriptfodder.

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Thanks dude, more will be coming in the future too. Currently working on a HUD to release, here’s a teaser.

Adding hunger support by a vertical bar on the right/ left of the main hud?

Hunger will be placed at the bottom of the small dark square that the playermodel is inside. So, it will overlap it at the bottom. Not sure if that makes sense to you but you’ll see it soon.