(Release) HL2 Green gravity gun


Download above. This is a simple green gravity gun. I think it looks good.

When you download extract to C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps(Your steam name)\half-life 2\hl2\materials\models\weapons
I suppose if you extract it that it would work on any mod with a gravity gun too like Garry’s mod.

It’s basically just a gravity gun with a green tint.

P.S. what is dumb about my post, all it is is a green gravity gun, as advertised.

I’m happy enough with my Grav Gun, but thank you anyway.

Oh that reminds me. I should post screenshots, hold on.

I’ll take some and upload them.

I think it’s rated dumb because it’s just silly re-retexture which pretty much almost any gmod player can do, not much effort, not even put up a screenshot, not even brilliant idea.
As you said yourself:

Have a box Sir.

Really actually do some work before you upload something.

Hey, he wants to give back to the community. Don’t put him down, that’s not how you encourage learning and improving; everybody starts somewhere.

The biggest mistake made though is that he posted what is probably his first work.

Which is never a good idea.

Why is it never a good idea? Feedback can’t come from the depths of your garrysmod/garrysmod folder.

You don’t upload your first work, ever, unless it’s really good. You’ll just get hate for it, it’s how the community is and I don’t see it changing, which is good.

If they can’t accept that the first thing they did was bad and they made the mistake of uploading it then they can just walk and away and stop doing skins. Being nice isn’t always the right way to help somebody improve :wink:

Why are you saying that he can’t accept that? Nobody said that or even implied it but you.

I’m not saying to be nice, please don’t use generic synonyms to paraphrase me.

I’m sorry, I was grouping him and the other newbies together and didn’t separate what I was saying correctly.

If you haven’t noticed, uploading your first skin is a bad idea unless it’s a really good one. Most of the time, people end up hating on it, and the person starts bitching and stops skinning and blames the community for being dickish. What I was trying to say is that if he can’t accept the dumb ratings he got, then he shouldn’t be releasing his stuff. If he can, then he should just realize this was a dumb post and keep practicing his skinning.

From the way he edited it I genuinely think he doesn’t know why he was rated dumb, probably due to the lack of criticism posted when they were given. But yeah, I see what you’re saying but it really looks like it’s based off pure assumption on how he’d react.

Congragulations, it’s a skin. Skinning takes effort, believe it or not.

Read the description of this forum. It includes your skinning needs. Skinning DOES take effort.

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This isn’t a “bad” skin. It’s a green skin as advertised. If you didn’t want a green skin don’t download. It isn’t my first and it’s just something I whipped up for fun. Sure it’s my first uploaded here because I knew this dispute would ensue. You are immature, grow up. I don’t quite know what’s “bad” about it. Because all you’ve bashed on is my experience, you haven’t said a single thing about my skin. Maybe if you tried to HELP me instead of being so general about it.

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You must be retarded, it is a skin, I said it was a skin for the gravity gun in the title. If anything you’re retarded for clicking on it if you weren’t looking for a green gravity gun skin.

Reskins generally aren’t that popular in the forum, It would be a better idea to just release it on gmod.org, and maybe after making like 20 skins throw a thread on here with a big release
here its just 1 skin, something thats been done before, and there isn’t any screenshots in the OP.
your OP isn’t formatted well either, no bold text or organization.

no it isn’t a bad skin, just kinda boring.

I don’t think you understood what he was telling you, he didn’t say it wasn’t a skin he said just about any gmoder could do what you did, which is true, its just a recolor, open the texture in photoshop
overlay a green color on the blue bits and call it a day. I wouldn’t say you put That much effort in it.

Actually I didn’t use photoshop I used paint.net which took more effort to do. Just because anyone COULD do it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t does it?

sooo… instead of PS you used paint.net… same thing :smiley: It really doesn’t take more effort btw who are you trying to fool? I’ve worked with textures for years now and a simple recolor is never effort even for beginners.

Now you must not have read my post at all cause I never said you shouldn’t do it, I said release it on gmod.org where it is better suited, and if you gather up a lot of good skins release a thread here, Now I can see your just skimming past the advice part and going straight to the “Why wont people accept all the effort I put into one skin and criticizing me”

look just accept people don’t enjoy reskins on this forum that much, take the advice, and keep skinning and getting better, no need to start fights and call people retarded :confused:

I’m beginning to regret sticking up for you.

Well supreme message I thought you would be different, but here you are, we throw some criticism your way and then you think we are “trolling” you defend your noob work and you start insulting us for not downloading.


I have worked with lots of skins and textures before too, and I mean hundreds for both: reskins, maps, and modelling, and I don’t think it’s so much effort put in that it deserves it’s own thread and release.