{RELEASE} Misc Props from Many Games

A large collection of many props from many different games

Pretty much stuff from various mod project I was working on, but lost interest in, I can send .vmf files if anyone is interested




-Nordic Dungeon Props
-Pre-war Fallout stuff
-junk cars
-not-so junk cars
-space stuff
-space junk
-a bunch of hexes of L4D the cars, only this time they actually have windows

Ported from:
-Crysis 2
-Fallout 3
-And a lot of other things from a lot of other games

Get it here:

Congrats you can go onto garrysmod.org and scrap some of it together!

It seems you ported them yourself judging by the OP so congrats. However I suggest packaging it together into each appropriate game and releasing it on workshop as misc prop packs.

These were ported by me

Oh sorry, I thought I saw this before.

Hey thanks a bunch, these car props really give me something to remodel while i have no ideas :wink:

No problem, at least you are not whine about not being drivable :3

Thanks for this! I might use some of the smaller props for this prop hunt gamemode I’m working on.

It would be cool to see ^^

Making them drive is not a problem (i can make a working chassis under 5 minutes), but remodeling them takes time.

He’s just referring to people who download model packs and expect them to do what they look like aka ragdolls be playermodels, cars be able to drive.

And that’d be interesting, only problem I see is removing the wheels on that model and replacing them with dynamic ones which wouldn’t be all that hard.

Aah yeah forgot to mention, I might have a look through this and see if I can use any of it in my upcoming schema, I’ll of course give credit where its due.

I would love to see what people do with these