Release of the MiniGames gamemode

I release the MiniGames gamemode because my community is stopped and I don’t give a fuck about it.

I hosted the MiniGames community for 5 months! From Avril to August…

I just only give the file itself, there is a jukebox and many features for the client like trails, a custom model, taunts, tags, hats, donator and super donator feature, etc…

This gamemode is bad coded and the original author is Jo the Shmo who created it one or two years ago… is down, so I uploaded it on MU:- snip-

PS: I don’t give any support to anyone, I know this gamemode is fucked and it’s not my problem now.

Some pictures:

PS : Jo doesn’t care about the release of this script. It’s just a release because this gamemode must be in better hands than me only.

First you steal the facepunch forum theme and now you are releasing a gamemode that isn’t even your own.
Respect dude

Do I need to tell you that Jo don’t give a fuck about this? Else, he won’t give it to someone.

Snipped DL link?

Holy shit that HUD is disastrous. It would seem that you have that stupid nagging notice on the bottom of the screen all the time.

The names above player heads is terrible too. Didn’t even subtract the length of the string to make it centered above the head o-e


He snipped the download. just forget about it.

Then what is the point of this thread?

Why re-release a gamemode then remove the link within hours? It’s just pointlessly stupid. It’ll get leaked soon whoever downloaded it.

Why would anyone WANT to leak this?..

To release it under the most outdated leaked gamemode websites.

This gamemode fucking rocks. Dont fucking insult it.

Lol “don’t insult it,”
It’s called an opinion.

-snip- nevermind.

Here you go …
" "

If only there was a maps pack to go with this… I see a lot of maps listed in init.lua that ‘I’ cannot find by ways of the googler.

Since the gamemode got leaked… not leaked… I’ll tell you guys what I am trying to do to this.

Well from what I know that the GUI is actually a complete disaster. However I am trying to make a small fix without knowledge of gmod lua and as for now I completely removed the tags (they where useless and annoying) and did some small fixes.

I’ll remove the jukebox since it’s un-necessary and as well also remove some other stuff. Fix the chatbox a little (like make it prettier) and do something with the shop without breaking the whole gamemode.

I’ll post some pictures later so you can see how the progress is going. :v:

ptown no1 cares

Oh no, he used silkicons, loads of things use silkicons. Not just facepunch.

you motherfucker you ruined the gamemode