Release: Portal beta gun

Good job on porting these!
Are crosshair ports possible?
I like the blue and purple ones, look out of place but cool!

I love how it says F-22 on it, since that’s typically the highest aperture number that most lenses go to

Neat, thought this was gonna be whatever model those odd view model textures belonged to.

That’s just a test model that barely made it into the game. No animations or anything:

Oh wow, so I guess that’s where those ancient hl2 style prefabs that came with Portal’s sdk content came from

Yo what about this weird thing

Or is the model incompatible/just-plain-shit to even think about a proper replacement

Looks like a kitbash of the gravity gun and some other junk

Animations are broken as fuck. It needs new ones, and I mean new ones. The version of the skin I have is also incomplete.

This is the best beta content release for a long time. Thanks again!

But for completion’s sake…

Yeah that’s what I figured.
Even if it did get made into a skin I bet it’d be annoying as fuck trying to get the particles mimic what they do in the screenshot there

iirc pelpix said that they’d release all the raw files at some point (please correct me if I’m wrong)
If you want it that bad you can wait till then and do it yourself/get someone to do it

That version is one of my favorite iterations of the Portal Gun, to be honest. Really hope you’ll at least release a version for people to use and possibly fix.

The fix isn’t simple as many of you think, it requires a rerig and Reanim, also, the texture lacks the gauge.

I fixed the attachment lights but, rest is still pretty much broken.

Some of us honestly don’t care if it is broken or not, and hand flailing thing is actually really funny :stuck_out_tongue:

If I ever get into to animation, I’d probably do the Grav-Portal gun as a start. And I could rig it to Gordon’s Gravity Gun to see how it fits in Half-Life 2.

T! Of course not!