[RELEASE] Retard-Proof DarkDM Class Maker

Did This Over VB.
Not Much To Say.
I dont care if you hate DarkDM.
This thread isnt about bitching about DarkDM.
Just made this to be helpful to the people who actually do enjoy it.



this works.

oh also. AVG = False Positive (Luhe.Fiha.A)
scan all you want.

Does it make me fly?

Can I be a pornstar, can you model me a penis?

Useful for people who don’t know how to make classes I guess

Thanks, this could be very useful.

exactly what I had in mind while making this ^^

This is useful, but I think that this isn’t fully retard proof :L

The rank part is lightly-braindamaged proof because you put instructions (1 = bla bla), but maybe putting a

The part about the vote isn’t retard-proof | heavily-braindamaged proof because you didn’t put any instruction, who doesn’t have a decent computer knowledge won’t understand that 0 is no and 1 is yes

In my opinion, you could have used more understandable ComboBoxes.
(without forgetting to set their text as the first recommended/most used option)

And if you had problems building the class by using non-adapted inputs, you could have used a timer that set some variables to what you had to concatenate in the built class, based on what is the option selected in the combo boxes. (To detect it, it’s enough to get the value of ComboBox1.Text as ComboBox1.SelectedItem works the same way)

If you want to be computationally less expensive, set the default variables in Form:Load and then record any change into ComboBox:SelectedItemChanged.

Other than this, good job.

I don’t like darkRP usually, and giving kids a way to make jobs without ANY skill isn’t the best idea.
I do really like this tool though, it’s a great way to save time and errors when making a class I would think.