[Release] RP_Downtown_1945_v1

Hi Everyone!

This is the first (edit) map I have released, It is a edit of RP_Downtown_v4c (with some Major changes), I was going to keep it private but I thought I might as well release it since no one was using it.

Fully Functional Concentration Camp
Added Escape tunnel for the Concentration camp
Made the Cafe Bigger
Made the Beach Bigger
Added new apartment block and shops in the main zone (Shorted one of the tunnels)
Made it so you cannot get onto the Cafe roof from the Penthouse
Added Decals
Created new enterance to the Sewer System
Added new Tunnels in the Sewer System
Added new rooms in the Sewer System
Added another floor to the Town Hall (Reichstag) - Which includes a Meeting room
Added access to the Town hall Roof
Added AA Guns around the map
Added Barbed Wire at the entrance of the camp
Remove Unused Models & Textures
Remove Shadows being cast by Fences

I Have made more changes but I’ll add them to the list later (It has been a while since I made this map)














Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/c79hi2bmt70b5as/rp_downtown_1945_v1.zip

Sorry for the File size! I will try and remove all the unused textures & models when I have more time! (will be released with Version 2)

To do:

  • Add Gas Entity to the Gas Chamber

Feel free to post any Bugs and I’ll fix them!

Does 1945 denote the year its supposed to be in or does that mean its 1945th version of downtown?

For the next version you could disable the shadows the fence models cast, it would look better.

1945 is for the year (Whats why I put the v1 after), and I’ll try and sort out the Shadows soon

I need this map today it’s so good i can feel it!

Sorry but it really does not look good, everything is bland and undetailed. This really doesn’t convey the mood of the time period, especially since it’s another rp_downtown.

I understand it’s a first map, but you can’t get far by just editing downtown.

This is true. But still its better than most downtowns.

To be fair, like Nickster said it is better than most Downtowns

and its not too bad for my first map release, and I do agree with you about it being too bland

you could use some better walls to make it less repetative like your trapped within a castle of some sort.
plaza with the park/roads can also use a ton more detail, it looks way too empty, and a good ol’ 50’s touch could do nicely in some areas, as some buildings look modern like the original downtown.
though i like the whole military fortress area.

Fair enough it may be better than most, but its still a downtown edit…

Why not just make a map from scratch?

It isn’t your first map though really, it is your first edit. The map is incredibly bland, there is little in the way of props, decals, or generally signs of life. Every light appears to be white and every corridor is just a floor, ceiling and walls. It needs more life.

When I have attempted in the past I usually get the scale for everything wrong (Usually I Make everything too big or too small) But, With a map like downtown, I’m usually fine.

And I would like to make this look a lot better in the future, When I get more time I should be able to make some major changes.

I May look at making my own version in the future, I Will be linking the download soon, just getting rid of some unused models

It took me till the last 3 screenshots to make it appear like 1945. I’m sorry but the architecture wasn’t this modern back in 1945.

what source games does it require?

As far as I know I’ve only used CSS Textures & Props (And Custom ones packed with the map)

On a sidenote, were any of these ripped & converted from Call of Duty 1? They are practically the same and will get you in trouble.

Is making shitty edits and remakes of rp_downtown like some RP hazing ritual?

ThePro rolls over in his grave every time one of these is released.

could use some more details.

Hi, I’m Eric from the 1944RPG server, i had a look at your map and didn’t find too many bugs (a Door at City Square that leads into Reich that was unlocked, for pic http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=182985411 ).

But i have a suggestion, try using DoD:S SCars and such, those are perfect platforms for WW2 themed RP:s with FlaK 88’s Wirbelwinds, Opel Blitz, SdKfz 10, SdKfz 2 and such.
Here is where you can find these vehicles; http://steamcommunity.com/id/JesseVanover/myworkshopfiles/?appid=4000

I suggest RO1 Scars, R&L SCars, Citroen SCars and ofc DoD:S SCars (NOTE THAT YOU WILL NEED SCars Slim by Sakarias88. Although the WW2 Themed Vehicles are made by Lucky9Two)
I wish you luck and happines!

Greetings from Northern Sweden.

Oh and one other thing! Do you like turtles and melons?

Some Bugs:

Supposed to be there?:

Thanks for Point out the Bugs! I’ll fix them now, Too bad the next release is going to be for a custom one for 1944rpg.com.

The Vehicle under the water was a little thing I thought it would look good, And the Turtles were a little joke I added ages ago, Same with the Melon

so wait, this is a compiled decompile of a decompile? the performance must be shit.