[Release] rp_swarg_swg

Ive spent the past few months working on a map for a RP gamemode i am making and have decided to release a version without the functionality of my gamemode. (http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1291476) So it is playable for all RP gamemodes.

I have just released it on the Steam Workshop and it would be cool if you checked it out.


I love the atmosphere, detail and the general design of your map, along with some of the features, such as the Police station’s garage. Also, well done with the 3D skybox!

However, you should separate the staircase rooms with doors in the apartments, so people can claim a room, instead of the entire building.
By the way, elevator doesn’t make any moving sounds and the entrance to it looks far too big. :stuck_out_tongue:
But the optimization… :frowning: I usually get around 30-40 fps on the surface, but imagine it at heavily populated servers. You should use window areaportals and prop fade.

Well, work more on the optimization a bit more and you’ll have one of the best RP maps in GMod!

I would do areaportals at the windows, however im like 10 brushes away from the limit and ive already made a bunch of shit into models when i didnt want to, ill see what i can do though

Try makin the draw distance a little less to improve fps.

Curious about the ‘final’ compile option and its effects on framerates, i know the final compile option has an effect on frames and personally this is the first map ive actually released so i haven’t experienced much with it. Is there any badness that comes with the final compile?

PS im adding areaportals to the windows aswell.

Try removing things on the map that are useless as well. Like the spawn area with the teleported. Where you get teleported should be the default spawn. And remove the flat grass above the map. That will significantly improve fps.

The spawn room is there for 2 reasons, It prevents buffer overflow kicks when players connect, and it also allows access to a flatgrass map. Both of these are above the main skybox and are unrendered at all times unless you are actually there.

Im working on more hint/skip optimizing at the moment and there is already a noticeable reduction of visleaves. I will release an update once it is finished along with a few bug fixes found with darkrp compatibility.

Also, Hints aren’t compiled as brushes as far I know, so they shouldn’t add up to the brush limit.

Thats a relief, i know things like triggers DO count so i assumed hints were the same. However i still need to do the areaportal windows. Ive got one or two things i will turn into a model if i need to though so its okay.

I like it, thanks!

I’m running an RP server, I might have to set this up on it!

If you are going to run it on a server, there is a script which was intended to work when combined with the .gma but it obviously doesn’t. It is just a script that goes in the server’s autorun lua folder, it creates a teleporter that only admins can trigger to take them to the admin room from the water tower. I will probably just add it to pastebin and put it in the workshop description.

I like the detail on this map. It looks great. I’m currently using it on my server.

As of now the only complaints I’m receiving are regarding drops in frame-rate in various locations around the map.

i gave this a download/walkaround yesterday

I dont play rp but I admire your mapping skills. The fps does dip a bit if you look into the middle of the map but its not too bad. Areaportal windows will help if you implement them on some of the apartments.

maybe the refractive fountain should be removed too since it kills fps quick, its pretty though

Most windows have been given areaportals, also there are more hint/skip brushes than a valve map now.
I need to make a few things into models which is kind of frustrating but thats the only thing holding me back from releasing v1.1

Hopefully fps improves overall eh?

It’s too plain for me.

Yeah, fingers crossed.