[Release] Star Wars Sound Swep's

**Hello Gamers,
since I haven’t seen many sound swep’s on the workshop, I decided to make some sounds.
I’m quite new at making swep’s so feedback would be lovely.

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Best Regards,

Sounds good, I’m sure Disney wouldn’t mind at all! /s

Merge this with hand swep for starwarrp and it would be more perfect :v:

What kind of model are you thinking?
Just hands or?

Yes please :smiley:

I will add it to one of them and see how it looks, I will keep the thread updated =)

For those who voted for “Unnecessary” at the poll, may you explain why It’s unnecessary?
As for It’s made for SWRP servers who have serious roleplay I see these swep’s a way to lead and communicate with other troopers instead of using chat as many other’s does.

These should be implemented on a per weapon basis instead of having one massive sound pack. Also, I’m pretty sure these are breaking some copyright law.

Not sure if this is an good idea but I think it will be better if you do it like Paladins
They have like fast chat by pressing V there will be a list of stuff like Help, Emote, Other,… And each category have some voice bind on a key
So I want to request help at middle I would do
V > H (help) > 1 (middle) >> (VH1) Help me at middle
Kinda so
Gonna be tricky but just a suggestion