[RELEASE] Terminator HUD

It’s a HUD i made in my free time. It’s still in a beta stage. Most of the things don’t
even look like in the movie, but hey! :smiley:


If you think i should add something/change something, tell me.
I accept requests.

Toggle modes with Shift+T button.
There are 3 modes:

  • Normal
  • NoRed - just like normal but without the (sometimes annoying) red material overlay
  • Off

The HUD will show names of some items and the distance to them.

  • Changed from T to Shift + T to toggle the hud, some people are using T as Team Chat
  • Added AimHelp, when the HUD is on, hold down the B button to lock on any entity. It will lock on NPC/Player/Model heads if they have one.
  • HUD Now toggleable via button T (command “terminatorize” still exists)
  • Added 3 modes, Normal, NoRedColor and Off
  • Slowed down the random text.

Note: Works best with the CAP addon.
Note: Aim Assist isn’t really an aimbot because it’s hard to aim with it. :smiley:
Note: Much stuff will be added.

Available on workshop:


  • For some reason when you turn on HUD, the weapon switch list names get bugged. So Physgun renames to #GMod_physgun and so on.


  • Add more entities to entity tracking list
  • Make custom entity tracking list editor
  • Take requests

I guess the idea is good. But you should work on making it more like the movie, even if it means nonsensical filler. It’s what makes it unique. Although you probably are working on that.

What you aim at should also get a white frame, so to speak,

Yup. I tried with the white frame already but garry’s holos break EVERYTHING when i try to add
them sometimes to some entities. I will try to make it work again later.
Also there’s a lot of stuff missing at this moment.

The concept is great. Obviously its still got some work to be done. Though, terminator was awesome and I’m sure to expect great things out of this.

@cartman300, do it exactly same way that garry did on physgun.
Btw, your hud looks like more red colour but rest is there. Take a look on terminator view - there is only red colour. SO try to decrease gree nand blue to 0 and check what will happen.

What are you actually using for the red filter, it looks like you simply draw some red ontop.

Yup, i actually did only draw some red on top.
@madman, tanks for info. I’ll reduce green and blue a bit. :smiley:

For the holos, yes, i did draw them like on the physgun, but that for some reason breaks the Vector:ToScreen(). It’s hard to explain, look here:

I feel like the red, without major saturation of what’s behind it, makes it seem a little strange.

Do you need any help? I can help make this hud look great if you need it.

Nope, i don’t need any help, i know how to code.
I only need some design ideas, because i’m not really familiar with terminators. :v
I’ll go make the red a bit better now.

Well, you could make the Health Bar some type of Terminator Insignia that climbs down till drained. And have it say when it is suppose to be like 100 health, say %100 Percent. http://i.imgur.com/naGjH.jpg

Huh, is it possible to use this on a server? Via lua commands?

The ToScreen bug is major but garry doesn’t care.

In other news, instead of doing a redish overlay, simple filter green and blue using this:

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White frame can be achieved by rendering the model with a larger scale(*-1.1)(with a white material override) then render it again with normal scale.

keeps crashing my game when joing a server with it installed.