Release the damn server binaries for public

That’s enough of poor company that run 10 rust servers on a single fucking machine.
You badly need to release the binaries so “real fucking admin knowing the fuck they do with a server” can start hosting servers.

People that run servers pay a lot for a poor service. People that run servers usually know nothing to administration, they just check this and check that in the web interface.

I want real admins, I want real moderators, I want a real fucking tools for admin so they can do their jobs (ie. banning the damn hackers since cheatpunch can’t manage to do it with their tools).

Already 4 months the game is out to pay for, and yet the server binaries are a fucking joke. Move our ass please and start creating real server would you, TY.

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If I were Garry and I saw this I would postpone server release just to piss you off.

What makes you think that acting this way will get you what you want? You sound like a spoiled brat.

Maybe try to be nice when you are asking for something?

Do you realize that the game is still fairly early in its development cycle? The game won’t be finished for at least another year or two, possibly longer.

Here’s why they haven’t: it’s fucking alpha.

The server files are not ready to be released to the public; they’re too unfinished. However, this presents a problem, since they’ll never be ready if they don’t get testing done.

This is why Facepunch Studios has signed agreements with certain trusted GSPs to offer server rentals, because there are way too many players to fit on FP-run official servers. Part of this agreement is that the GSPs will take reasonable steps to protect the server files from being accessed or leaked.

Plus, you bitch about hackers and complain that the anti-cheat measures aren’t working. Can you fucking imagine how bad the hacks would be if the cheat writers could just download the latest version of the server instantly and rip it apart with decompilers? You’d be giving them the blueprint to the fortress.

Actually think about what you’re saying before you post.

How about no? It’s an alpha game, you can’t get perfection in a day.

The server files are readily available at any time within a day of update on everybody’s favorite :dance: torrent website :eng101:

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