Release the IPs of the DDoSers.

We have a whole community on here who would like to resume testing the game. A simple way to get rid of DDoSing would be to release every IP that is doing this to the facepunch community so we can give them a taste of their own medicine.

So, you want to stop someone committing a felony by countering with a felony of your own?

As much as I love vigilante justice, I wouldn’t recommend breaking the law to get a game working.

Well are the people even being reported or are they just getting a wrist slap?

A more effective and legal way of dealing with them is logging down the IPs (I assume uLink has some way of showing the connection IPs) and giving them to the GSPs so they can blacklist / drop the packets before they even hit the game servers.

Remember that this isn’t a traditional DDoS attack - it’s an exploit within the uLink library. It could only be a handful of IPs sending specially crafted packets to the game servers.

Do you know what ddosing means?

Do you know what a botnet is?