[Release] ttt_main_street

This map has been my day for over a week now i would wake up at 11am and map until 2am and well its finished with the help of my good friend awesome pie man we would like to share with you ttt_main_street_b2 it was inspired by many maps from the ttt universe and it is the best map we have ever created and we hope you enjoy it.

It features:

  • The ability for traitors to cut the power to the whole map or sections of it, at a cost to them.
  • a large traitor room with 6 teleporters 4 of them will take u to one of 5 places within the destination.
  • an assortment of t traps thought out the map.
  • a breakable traitor tester
  • a secret puzzle to open the bank vault.
  • a portion of the sewer floods.
  • a working live camera that can be cycled through in the bank security room.
  • and too much more to list













Get the map here : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=118347159

Add it to your server by following this guide : http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/Server/Workshop

Your lighting is as bland as it can get, you have pure white lighting on every light.
There’s also the problem that there’s light shown on the ceiling above the prop that you use, which does not make any sort of sense at all, as this shitty diagram will sort-of explain.


Very blocky and boring brushwork, and also it seems that your skybox texture is rotated 90 degrees somehow, the moon in your first screenshot is below the horizon (???)

thanks for the tip this is the third map ive ever finished i need to learn more about lights though it seems.

i did try light_spot originally but it made the ceiling all shadow.

You use the light_spot as the main light and then put a light entity nearby for ambient lighting.
A few things that I would suggest from what I can see from the screenshots

-Make the number of street lights half of what it is now, they’re too clumped together and I would suggest looking for an actual streetlight model to replace the brushwork and turn them into func_detail to stop visleaf cutting.
-Try and make texture for the building signs instead of using brushwork, and func_detail them in the meantime. do that or make them have more “pop” by making them thicker so it looks like they could be lit from within.
-Use the standard 8x12 (2:3 ratio) stair layout. As it is right now the stairs look too steep.
-Add a ledge in the sewers so that it adds a place for people to walk along the edges and helps make it looks like the sewage isn’t too high. (screenshot 3)
-Add env_sprite’s to the lights in the sewer as well to highlight bulbs and show where the source of light is. Also fix texture tiling as well.
-Add some clutter to the map. As it is right now, it looks more like a model home, everything is setup and nice looking but uncanny because it’s too sterile.
-Embed the office lights, the outer edges do not contain textures so it looks unfinished, or change the model that you use for them.

Keep on working on it, I see some nice potential in this map once it’s nice and finished up.

Thanks for the feed back i will definitely use this to improve this and future maps

As someone who has a lot of trouble with lighting indoor areas , how exactly DO you light a room entierly withouth makeing it obvious where the light sources are , do you just fill it up UTTERLY with light entitys ?

Make the light radius larger and fiddle with the falloff settings.


Also try to make use of the light_spot’s inner and outer angles to light up the walls and floor more than the ceiling, as the floor and walls are normally the visual interest of the map.

Here’s an example of what I’d use as a starting point for lighting a room:

If you are using custom textures a replacement for the light entity in the center of the room would be giving the floor texture’s vmt “$reflectivity [x,x,x]”
This causes light from the light_spot to “bounce” from the floor onto the roof, giving it a very nice and constant brightness (see Valve Developer Community Link above for demonstration)

Okey yeah this is a pretty basically what ive been doing , i was just wondering what i had to do so i dont have to fill it up with lights , usually i have the problem of the light spot being rather visible on the ceileing but i guess i can try fiddleing more with this stuff . Thanks

Can you at least give a hint how to open the safe then just saying its a puzzle? :\