[Release] Zombie Survival HD animated Icon Pack


Hi Guys, this is the Animated HD Zombie Icon pack for Zombie Survival. This pack includes new textures for 25 zombies for the Zombie Survival gamemode, they are intended to replace the non HD killicons within the zombie class select screen and the kill feed. Not only are they better quality than the originals, but are animated. They will also replace any icons that are missing for any zombie where the specific kill icon is non existant.

100% Credit goes to Gregarious for creating the Animated textures and special thanks to anyone who helped him get the required screenshots.

Workshop Addon


Could I get those other zombie players you got like blood spore and zombine and fresh dead xD

Thanks for uploading content that Greg and I created.

For future reference, Stop rehashing other people’s work as your own and taking credit for it on Facepunch and the Steam Workshop.

I am sick and tired of this type of shit.

Enjoy the DMCA take down : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=381332214