Released: Spacebuild Factions Gamemode

This is Spacebuild Factions by RingDing (originally called GlobalRP when it was released in 2007)

It is a Space-Based Aliens -vs- Humans Roleplay, War and Trading gamemode.

It has been upgraded to be compatible with GMOD 13.

Included is Spacebuild 2, along with Resource Distribution 2 and Life Support 2 which are required for gameplay.

To play, simply clone the repository into your garrysmod folder.

There are two maps included, their names start with “fac_”, the original being fac_spacevoyage.

This is fixed up and ready-to-go, but I don’t have long-term maintenance plans on this but it mostly works fine.

You will want to install the CSS Realistic Weapons addon from the workshop.

Everyone likes screenshots.

Title screen



Looks like fun!

Oh I remember this gamemode, it was pretty fun back when I played it. Nice to see that its been brought over to gm13.

I noticed someone is hosting this already which is cool - an important point though is you will need to remove other prop protection systems that are installed at the same time and use the one included (simple_rp_prop_protection) - because it is blocking pressing “E” on the transformers (which is needed for mining).

Anybody have an IP of a hosting server? If not, I may host a server if I get some donations to help fund it.

I would host it but is it worth hosting?

If you’re using Falco prop protection you can disable the Use protection in the q Menu.

Oh right - I haven’t tried that really - the hooks might interfere - But as you say, it might work.

Sax’s Abode Spacebuild Factions Server

I have fixed the fact that models and materials were not being sent to the client. This was a hang-over from when the content pack was distributed separately. People will pick up these objects on connect now.

RKSZone is planning to host a server running this gamemode.

If you use your own prop protection (this includes Simple RP Prop Protection), - then don’t forget to allow pressing E on other people’s props otherwise only the server owner will be able to mine rocks and other players will get bored and disconnect.

A number of issues have now been fixed in latest git:

  • Sunburn wasn’t working
  • Scoreboard wasn’t working
  • Music wasn’t working on load (fac_music 1 is default, wasn’t playing.)
  • Props now clear when going into war mode and restarting round after all planets captured
  • Items were not being downloaded to client due to botched commit (sorted)

Currently hosting this now haven’t played this type of game mode so gonna try get my head around it just keep an eye out in the game mode listing for space build… Anyone recommend any maps?

Also If anyone who knows how to play this wants to join and help out i’ll give you a staff position since i’m not always on ill make an edit for the ip later

The two maps that existed before are included with the gamemode and start with fac_ as their names. There is also a mapping tutorial included which explains how to create maps for Factions, alien and human planets, rock placements, etc - I also included the guide for how to make spacebuild maps by Shanjaq so that others can build some creative scenarios on top of what’s there.

Oh cool, If i feel willing enough might make a map :wink: Be nice to see an old game mode arise again!

I saw a factions server up - I think it went down again between the time I saw it and pressing join game. This gamemode used to be really popular until it broke due to lua errors and gmod changes - then it got forgotten about - as far as I know it is the only spacebuild mod with a competitive war mode combined with resource gathering.

EDIT: I can’t seem to press E on the transformers on your server - have you got another prop protection installed as well as the simple_rp_prop_protection addon included with the game?

Yes I have Nope, dont have any other prop protection apart from the one that was provided in the github pack got lua errors for it too 1. Steam id - [C]: - 1
2. Unknown - addons/simple_rp_prop_protection/lua/spropprotection/sv_init.lua: 205

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Heres the only addons i have installed

I think I’ve fixed that now - but that deals only with prop cleanup on disconnect from what I can see.

Perform a “git pull” to update :slight_smile:

Ok, also theres an error with the init apparently

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What’s the very first error you get right at the top of the console? Quite often that will cause other errors underneath it. It’s probably nothing major - it might be a workshop addon interfering.

Also, I recommend PewPew weapons and wiremod for added depth to Factions

Ill post it now

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I dont have any errors at the top of console but when i join in game and walk around this is the error I get

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Fixed the font error. Forgot to add the content

Those are fixed now. That was due to console not being a player in and of itself I think.

get latest version - should be ok :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the feedback - let me know if anything else comes up.