[RELEASED] xXMcSkillzXx's EGP Racing Hud

Now releasing my racing EGP. As it says on the credits, my ign is Jumpman Jordan.
These EGPs are based off of one of the Project Cars Huds.

PowerHorse HUD off of my F1 car: http://pastebin.com/NBcq7KDz

Project Cars inspired Hud: http://pastebin.com/j6dBuU67

Why are more and more people coming on FP with xXXx in their name?

Also, looks nice.

So there are a couple of things I wanna point out, to the best of my abilities.

  1. You are running the entire E2 ten times a second, this is pretty bad, especially when using EGP objects,
    do object creation only once, preferably at startup and separate it from the core logic of the e2
  2. There is no modularity in this at all, all your RPM’s are very very specificly tailored, generally a good thing to do with public E2s is to make them modular and versatile.
  3. You create the little RPM gauge all by hand, I would really suggest you learn how to use loops and basic trigonometry to your advantage, this makes your E2 shorter but it also adds a layer of modularity.
  4. Make the E2 only run when it has to, in this case its used in a vehicle, so you can make it activate when someone is sitting in it, by using the pod controller.


If you don’t like it, recode it. Oh well I’m not a fucking professional coder like the whole facepunch expects builders to be

Oh hey, I’ve never seen this specific variant of the “if you don’t like it” argument. It makes as much sense as any other such arguments. Let me rephrase your argument to be even clearer than what you said:

Anyone who finds and/or mentions any kind of problem in the racing EGP HUD script has the sole responsibility for resolving those issues. The author distances themself from any kind of liability or responsibility of the script.

At no point shall the author of this scripts make any attempts to accept any form of criticism, simply because any kind of criticism is considered an attack on the author that belittles them for not being a “fucking professional coder”. Criticism coming from even one person will be seen as an attack from the whole of Facepunch.

In other words:

  • Only positive words about the script
  • No criticism, for that offends the author
  • If you have any problems with the script, mentioning the problems is very offensive, so don’t
  • Any problems with the script are to be resolved by someone other than the author doing something about it
  • Specifically, “doing something about it” means recoding the entire script, regardless of what the problems are.

This post is satire.

Its criticism, he’s just trying to help you out. Not everyone on Facepunch expects you to be the best coder.

Seems like you clearly have no desire to improve this (quite frankly bad) E2, I was merely trying to help.
Well best of luck to you, trying to improve if you’re not willing to accept no ones advice.

Although, thanks for calling me professional, eventhough this is some pretty basic stuff.

If you want him to recode you might as well delete this thread and let him post his own

If you cant stand some basic criticism for something you release, you simply shouldnt release and/or give away anything you do. Ive seen the code already and its pretty

dumb. Every single point Danny1828 gave are a correct representation of what you should fix, yet, you refuse to do so, shitting on him saying that "if u dont like it u should

do better", like if you did any good. Infact, saying that just makes me think you didnt even code it.

For instance. You either fix it or get the fuck out of here. The first think you should think about when releasing an E2 or a contraption is how bad is it going to hurt the

server. As in, anything you release should be optimized to the best. Releasing a laggy E2 will do nothing but get admins and server owners to get annoyed at it, and restrict

players from spawning it in their servers.

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Wats it gonna be

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(User was permabanned for this post (""Nigga I'm not gonna fix it and I ain't going nowhere. U shud think about how much of a disgrace ur mistake or a birth was Retardel. Dirty Dan, u were merely getting in the way. Get off of my thread skrubs. Go skrub someone else's pubes u gay whores. Speaking of gay whores, your mothers were once ones as well. Accept it."  god damn what" - postal))

Says he isn’t going anywhere.

Pretty much asks to be banned 2 seconds later.

Your e2 is literally recreating the whole fucking hud 10 times every second. You should create the shit on the screen, then only update it if it changes, but instead you are sending every player in the server the whole hud 10 times a second. Your shit is running ~1.4k ops when it should be no more than idk, 50-100? if (first()) is your friend bitchnigga.

^ When you get called out and can’t find a rebuttal


Your post has nothing else to say, it has IRONY written all over it.

Ur pretty much asking to be flamed. Ur literally asking to be flamed every 10 seconds I see ur name

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Retardel, iron is iron which is irony. It has iron built all into it

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Isn’t that ironic

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Say something again. I fucking dare u

Nice try at an insult kid. If you don’t want to be shit on for posting bad code, then actually make an attempt to learn how e2 works before posting shit like this. There’s enough shitty e2s out there already; we don’t need one more.

I like the irony of calling out my name too, nice try m8.

If u don’t want to be flamed, u shouldn’t even be here right now. And if I’m a kid, congratualtions. Your getting flamed by one. Feel proud? #learn2gitrekt


One way of doing it right:

@name I am done right
@inputs EGP:wirelink

    EGP:egpText(1,"I am only created once 0 OPS and 0 CPU",vec2(100,256)) 

How to fuck it up:

@name Kill me PLS
@inputs EGP:wirelink

    EGP:egpText(1,"I am created 10 times a second, kill me plz :( 40 OPS, 30-40 CPU",vec2(10,256)) 

Stop responding to the guy, he’s just fucking with you now

Yo wheres postal? Or better yet the snitches

Why are you trying to look badass over the internet? Why do you think that would affect anyone?

You posted something bad on the internet (Probably something you didn’t even make), someone told you to fix it and you get anal all over it.

Even if other people have reinforced the fact that your crap is really shitty and even told you where to start from to fix it you take it like if they put a metal rod up your ass

and ran away.

If you cant get over people criticizing your stuff, I repeat, simple, don’t post, don’t share. It will make a better place for everyone in FP, especially for the admins, that would

have to clean the childish disasters people like you leave in the forums.

So this is a triangle, You, The users and the admins, you are harming all 3 of them, and not literally harming, but just bothering them with whinny crap.

tl;dr: Stop crying and go to school.

“Even though I get called out on having a shit e2, I’m still right and will pull childish insults out of my ass when no one agrees with me.”