Releasing my current vmf..

Hello, my name is Kane and I have been working a lot recently on a map that was designed for an older community that has since died, members left and nobody really interested in the project anymore. Since I really no longer see the need to complete it maybe someone else out there may feel inspired. All i ask is my credits somewhere if you release it again. Heres the link and some screenies, also compiled version of the map is in there as well if you want to test it out. Map is probably like 75% done and was made in Ep2. Good Luck : )

That looks pretty nice :buddy:

What’s actually in the map and what’s it’s theme?

I spy a swastika.

That, and the name of the image is rp_reich0005.jpg…


It was for ReichRP.

I would post the “captain obvious” image macro but I’d get banned for it. :v:

I might have made that decal.

Though a bit sad to see this map go. It was looking pretty good when I saw this in-game.

Yeah that was the one you made :smiley:

I was just tired of working on this map for nothing really. Once everyone lost interest in the project as well I didn’t feel any inspiration to finish it.

Basically, there is like 14 enterable buildings … nothing spectacular but I guess it would be good for posing / comics if nothing else comes of it.

I’m still interested, whattafack.

This looks very nice.
Its a shame to see people lose interest in a map like this.

Wait, was this a bump? (post above) :ohdear:

Does anyone still have this map? The link gives me an error.

You know what’s odd? The fact that he bumped it just as the map was released.