[Relesase]Sleek report menu

What is this?
Recently, when I have joined servers, the chat is spammed with nothing but people crying out for admins. I’m working on a server myself right now, and didn’t want this to happen to me. Nor to anyone really, so I made this. Report is a very simple but useful addon that helps in helping catch bad players, if a player sees something against the rules, he just has to type “!report” and it opens a GUI for the user to fill out then it notify’s and administrator.

*Delay timer on reports (anti-spam)
*Character limit on reports through the GUI.


Uh, how does it notify an administrator?

Well thats a great question here’s how goes to admin only

if v:IsAdmin() or v:IsSuperAdmin() or v:GetUserGroup()

How is this sleek? It’s just default derma with a basic background.

So admin chat then… I was thinking you coded a system to message them on Steam.

oh no thats to advanced for me i’m still learning lua