Reliable servers for Rust , Sticky this please!

There are alot of server providers for Rust , I have met the nightmare server provider in HFBservers and I highly reccomend that all future server owners avoid this provider at all costs.
Through my research I have found that HFBservers is a provider that has the worst customer service I have ever encountered in my life.
No phone number to talk to anyone and a incredibly slow response time.
I also know that Multiplay doses not offer instant plug in upgrades so if you go with multiplay understand that if you want to download Oxide…wait…and wait…till they approve it for your server.

If I met the owner of HFB Servers I would beat the shit out of him.
Im really angry because my server is going on 3 days down because i had a DDos attack , I had a great server and all seems gone.
It rips the heart out of you trying to make a great server only to realize the backbone of your dream dosent give a uck!
We need a list of server providers detailing everything from mod support to down time, customer service and protection.
Rust is a amazing game and regardless of HFBservers being a complete piece of S
*t service provider I will keep plugging away , I will build a Rust server.
Rust players interested in opening a server with the idea of creating a popular server with a focus need a clear cut sticky link so we can get advice from other server owners to make a intelligent decision and avoid scumbag providers like HFBservers.

1v1 me irl

Sooo… you want mods to sticky a rant about your bad experience with a server provider?
Good luck with that.

For the record, not everyone has had such a bad experience with HFB, and many people have had just as bad experiences with all of the other providers.

If your “dream” is to have a great server then shell out more than $20 a month and get a dedicated server somewhere… HFB is pretty much the bargain bin of hosts, what did you expect?

Ok I will shell out the extra 20.00.
To who? who will provide me with the security? the great customer support? and the ability to add mods and wipe my server without waiting like Multiplay? I have the money , who offers these services???
This isnt a rant , this is a post so we can get some crystal clear adice from server owners that are happy with their provider , lets break it down to categories.

*Customer Service
*Response Time
*DDos Protection
*Server Quality
*Mod support

We need a clear cut post so people such as I can make a educated decision on running a server.
For me personally Im pissed becaue I was starting a server that was growing >Drop Zone< We were attacked , 6 emails later Im still waiting.
We need info for future server hosts to make a decision on what provider to choose , this isnt about money for me personally but it would be nice if we had a clear cut board to work from.
Ill spend a hundread per month if I know my players can play on my server knowing the server will be on the next day.
We need a sticky!


Google is a good place to start. I know you’re butthurt and I get it cause it totally sucks, but this thread and your anger isn’t going to change anything.

read more carefully

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Google list providers, read more carefully, details…details

I have no clue what you’re trying to say here… Are you telling me to read more carefully?

Because it sounds to me like you want information, which is totally reasonable. But you didn’t bother to look in one of the most obvious places (Google/Rust wiki) for pretty much all of the information that you specifically asked for.