Reliable snapshot overflow

I can’t joign no one server!! I allways have “Reliable snapshot overflow” error at the end of loading on all severs!!

Go to a server with less people in it.
Oh, and if you have alot of addons, get rid of some.

Try making a singleplayer game and then join someones server

i always do it and it works

i think this is caused when the server has an overload. from my personal experience it happens when too many people are using the mics or making explosions. it’s sort of like when a server crashes except it kicks only a few people. what gamemodes and server do you get this message on?

I remember that some time ago on an “eXtra Stranded” server there were just 17 people (when I think it can hold up to 62 or 72) and the same guy kept getting this damn bug!

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