Relics of Hot Wire Past

Some crap that never made the cut.


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View YouTUBE video

You give up too easy, the last one I though would of made it.
No wonder you release a new video every 5 months.

There were better things to work on

Through the months I spend working on things, I gain experience. Every project in this video, I learn something after each one. And each one doesn’t have to be released to the public.
Machinima isn’t my life, it’s my hobby. School is my focus.

At least we aren’t like Litfuse who rarely makes any updates at all and do pretty much nothing nowadays.

And Scout, we have 3 huge ass projects to work on now Zombines Rising 3 part 2 and A Day In Time 2, and Poor Man’s Last Resort ( is that the title we settled on faolco?) We kind of have our hands full.

Why do you guys call each other “hot wire” film if its only made up of two active people?

By that logic, the Blues Brothers should just be named Dan And John.

Pixel Eyes Productions, the dudes who made Shelf Life, are just 2 people.

You don’t need a lot of people to have a production name.

but you guys sort of make it seem… like you got a small army working for you around the clock writing stories and trying out new ideas…

We’ve never implied that or said anything like that at all, what gave you that idea?

The way you make your tittles so long and dramatic imply alot of people worked on it, the fact you have a steam group for it, how its got its own little custom intro, it just seems to betray how its big, and most the time its you two’s wording on how you address the group and to each other.

Seems like you guys talk to each other like your two directors who direct 5 other people to make a movie.

also a group of two people is a horrible idea… if i did this for ever other person i work with, i have 5 groups by now…

so if its a two man group… and your co-directer HWECQI then… who you directing? I mean… there are two people, you and faolco1, thats it… hes the directer, and your co-directer…
thats a contradiction isnt it… you gonna direct your self? you can’t direct faolco1… that also be contradicting its self…

it be assistant director then wouldn’t it?

just a observation of the groups credits, and formation…

Titles have nothing to do with how many people work on it, and you don’t need to troll me out Scout, it’s pointless and shallow on your part. Stop taking things too literal as well.
Co-Director and Assistant Director are basically the same thing.

CO implies they are second in command, assistant implies they help the main man directly.

Most movies have a directer, and a co-directer, the co-directer works with a smaller portion of the group, while the directer manages the majority.
you think im trolling?

this is trolling

by your directer, do you CO- troll with him then?

I am just asking a serious question, its something thats always bugged me.

Thank you for answering, but if you feel the need to say I take it too literal, then you guys should stop taking your credits so serious.
Directed by Matthew genereth (spell check on last name please) co-directed by (your name i forget it at this moment) in a dramatic fashion seems… too professional and then to say don’t take it so seriously is… again a contradiction…
So you appear professional… then… when I point out a fallacy in the logic you say “don’t take it literal”

unless you intend for your tittles to be a joke.

You meant long titles for positions?

Oh, thought you meant the actual films.

Do stop shitting in the thread though, you didn’t need to put these questions here. Let it get back on topic so people stop assuming all that goes on in either of our threads is an argument.

What topic is their… you can’t be seriously wanting C&C? i mean its outtakes, its mess ups, things you did wrong, its like me taking a crap in the toilet and asking for you guys to gather around, rate it, tell me how i can improve it.

I cant find any meaning of this thread but ask questions about the group and about the clips.

If you have a problem with how we run things, talk about it somewhere else, all your doing is shitting up the thread with bullshit that absolutely nobody cares about

well you did say the video’s were “some crap”
sorry had to make that joke…

Then that’s the topic, and you aren’t doing that, so stop putting shit that fits more in PMs here, please.

And I also said it’s because people will assume all we do is argue, and neither of us would want that reputation, Im sure.

So wait, you want C&C about the clips or is it Q AND A on the clips and group?

Because both seem really… meaningless…


well Ill start on Q and A why you not make the last clip a movie, you seem content on doing that.

Ok, we’re done here, you’re just trying to agitate us and run us in circles, which I may note, is pointless for you.

It’s even more pointless to state things are pointless.

Just answer the question, because all I see is a thread with outtakes… and I don’t see the point…

Scout, honestly just shut your goddamn mouth, no one wants to hear your bullshit complaining anymore. It’s like every post I / HWE / Kurit makes you have to come in and act like a bitchy twelve year old who thinks they even remotely have argumentative skills. Hotwire’s film structure works just fine, as you’ve seen in some of their popular videos such as A Day in Time. Complaining about it won’t change anything, you act like no one is allowed to have a fucking opinion except yourself, but your opinions are apparently the only correct ones. Which they’re not, because complaining about how many people they have on their team when you have literally two people working on your films is incredibly hypocritical.

This post makes me want to set up a video camera in my room and shoot myself. Oh, never mind I won’t do that because if Scoutking gets a hold of the footage he’ll upload it to Youtube and call it an ‘intense drama’.

Let me just rip the band-aid off now. Fuck off, Scoutking.