Reload key to switch pm

I’m trying to use the reload key to switch between two playermodes of the user of the swep. how do I get a toggle, key to transform the playermodel instantly?

ps. I can do the keycheck on my own

well I feel like an idiot, thanks for the help

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actually im a bigger idiot then I thought and cant get the string on my own please help
doesn’t work

(I actually dicided to instead have pm switch on deploy)

Model strings generally don’t look like that. You can either run

Entity:GetModel on the player to get the model, or find it inside the spawn menu and do right click -> copy to clipboard. (Make sure it’s a playermodel and not an NPC!)

Note; a valid model looks something like “models/cs_office/radio.mdl”

entity:setModel(“models/player/tfa_dcu_martian_manhunter.mdl”) doesnt work it gave me

[ERROR] addons/gpowers_rebirth_942860152/lua/weapons/gpow_martian.lua:215: attempt to index global ‘Entity’ (a function value)

  1. unknown - addons/gpowers_rebirth_942860152/lua/weapons/gpow_martian.lua:215

First of all, it’s “SetModel”. Secondly, Entity/entity isn’t defined in your code. Could you post your full function in