Reload sounds?

Im having trouble with making reload sounds for my sweps

I know there is a code

SWEP.Primary.Sound = Sound(“weapons/blah/pistol/pistol_fire1.wav”)
SWEP.Primary.EmptySound = Sound( “weapons/blah/pistol/no_bullet.wav” )
SWEP.Equip = Sound ( “weapons/blah/pistol/pistol_Select.wav” )

What do i put for the reload sounds?

Just precache a sound and call self.Weapon:EmitSound() inside the SWEP:Reload() function:

–Somewhere outside of any function
SWEP.ReloadSound = Sound(“filename”)

function SWEP:Reload()

Yayy Thank you

and 1 more Question

Is there a Dual Elite Holdtype?

ive been to 3 servers and i saw them

I don’t think that holdtype exists by default.

shit…i really need it

What servers, gamemodes, and weapons did you see using the holdtype, i might be able to hunt it down.

It exists. Its called “dual”.

Thing is, You need to code a client side model to fit into the other hand. Its quiet easy actually.

Ty and how do u do it?

because when i was on your server and saw the dual 9mm’s i was like HOLY SHIT

and yea one of my freinds is making a css pack with perfect stuff in it and yea he wants dual shit


Post example :smile:?

Basically you should position the world model in this functions, And create another one attached to the other hand while your at it.

That’s just an explanation not an example :v:

Oh Sorry.


// Get the players R_Hand attachment here

// local pos,ang = that hand attachment bone position

// Rotate the angles, redo the position offset

// Make another model here, preferibly client side, Get the other hand attachment, Do stuff

// return pos, ang


Hopefully i can do it lol

Or, you could use Clavus’s Swep Creation Kit to position the pistol; I could help if you need it.

oh sure :smiley: il add u

I just tried the “dual” holdtype, and the player goes into the “normal” animation.