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Server Website (will be edited soon enough)
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events will be schedueld for sat. and sun. will be good fun

All Plugins have been updated, and Whitelist will be coming later this week so we won’t have to deal with as many hackers as you are seeing in your everyday servers. Come join us!

Due to the new Rust Update, Revolver is craftable and the 9mm bullets are lootable in the radiation zone.

Metal Window Bars have been added to the airdrop list, you can only get them there.

Whitelist is setup but not active, it will be on the 13th.

Groups Plugin has been added - you can now create a group and invite people to it.
Whitelist Plugin has been added - It works fine but will be toggled on the 13th.
Loot Spawn List Plugin Updated - Loot Spawn has been altered due to the addition of two items.

Coming Soon
No Chinese/unreadable names.
Something should be here.
and Here.

Whitelist is added - but it broke, I killed it.
Quests - Finally I will have something to edit and make it more fun.
Economy - I will fix up this currency.
Updated like 10 more plugins… blah blah…

Coming Soon
Whitelist should be fixed.