Reloading a lua script with 'lua_openscript'

Hi. I’m trying to reload some of my scripts in my addons folder without changing the map or restarting the game.

Script path: garrysmod\addons estfolder\lua\myScript\script.lua

Didn’t work:

] lua_openscript_cl "testfolder\lua\myScript\script.lua"                                                               
] lua_openscript_cl testfolder\lua\myScript\script.lua                                           
] lua_openscript testfolder\lua\myScript\script.lua  
] lua_openscript testfolder/lua/myScript/script.lua                                     
] lua_openscript_cl testfolder/lua/myScript/script.lua                                                      
] lua_openscript_cl "testfolder/lua/myScript/script.lua"
] lua_openscript_cl "myScript/script.lua"                               
] lua_openscript_cl myScript/script.lua                                       
] lua_openscript myScript/script.lua
] lua_openscript "myScript/script.lua"

] lua_openscript "myScript\script.lua"                                                                            
] lua_openscript myScript\script.lua
] lua_openscript_cl myScript\script.lua 
] lua_openscript_cl "myScript\script.lua"

I always get this error: Couldn’t include file ‘…’ (File not found) (<nowhere>)

Those files are relative to the lua folder right?

] lua_openscript_cl myScript/script.lua
] lua_openscript myScript/script.lua

Should work. Try removing the capitals from the folder name.

If you’re trying to open a lua script server-side, use lua_openscript, if you’re trying to open a lua script client-side, use lua_openscript_cl.

And the path is always relative to the lua folder.

Gmod 13:

RunString( file.Read( "addons	estfolder\lua\myScript\script.lua", "GAME" ))

Gmod 12:

RunString( file.Read( "addons	estfolder\lua\myScript\script.lua", true ))

Run that lua, and it should work…

Also, you’re not ‘reloading’ the script rather you’re running the script multiple times. So keep that in mind.

This might not have the desired result but adapt the method to your code.