Reloading Arc

Dear reader,

I want a half-arc that only appears whenever the player has a weapon in his hands.
It will go less full whenever the player is shooting and when the half-arc is empty it’s flashes red, so the player knows he needs to reload.

Someone have some usefull links or tutorials?

Ty ty

You could use bobbleheadbob’s draw.Arc function and decide the angle using

Weapon:Clip1 and

Weapon:GetMaxClip1 similar to the healthbar you asked for help with.

okay thank you m8!

Never used to work with this code before. Then arc doesn’t pop up.
And where should i put in the cordinates and Weapon:Clip1.

Would be great if you could point me to the right direction.

Can you provide an example of your code?

It’s the bobbleheadbobs one that txike gave me in his reply.

I used that code and it worked fine. The only thing I don’t like about it compared to the one I have is it is less circular than the one I have (which I have given you the code before).

But how would i apply the ammo reload thing on yours?

Well if yours is doing what you said “Doesn’t pop up” that should be the first part of your concern. That’s why I’m asking for your code…

Just multiply the FULL arc length by the ( Ammo / MaxAmmo ).
ex: Max is 10, current ammo is 5; therefore the bar will be 50% full.