Remade Ignite Tool

I remade the ignite tool from scratch. If anyone wants to try it out, here you go.

And the point of this is?
It actually has less options than the default one.

One function to call. Big deal.

You should consider putting some effort into your releases.


Okay, Entity:Extinguish. Two functions.
Still doesn’t make it release worthy. Seriously, each and everyone release you have done until now is worthless crap, you should admit it, every apparently positive response you got was utter sarcasm. Why don’t you just learn Lua and do something actually consistent?


On an unrelated note, I’d be curious to see what kind of stuff you, especially you, would post in the OIFY.


Ok, nevermind. I’m not sure if you’re deliberately trolling or not, because if you are, then you are doing a fine job at it.
You didn’t even make a scripted tool, all you did is a scripted weapon with a traceline that ignites stuff. Your logic so far has been “generic object -> generic action -> call engine function”. It involves no effort at all and is merely a valid wiki example for beginners.

are you done yet

I was expecting something like a STOOL version of the Incinerate plasmid from Bioshock :saddowns:

What does it do which the existing tool doesn’t?

It doesn’t do anything else, it’s a remake :saddowns:

Oh. Helpful…

Making the assumption that he just started learning lua and suddenly wanted to try making a STool.

The purpose of this was…
Maybe some kind of Lua test? But if it was that, then it shouldn’t have been released…

And released something with no practical application whatsoever?


ding Light bulb :3:

Gunna go make a v_model and some effects now :stuck_out_tongue:

if you do this i love you long time.

I agree alot.

Zoey’s mine back off =’[


What a piece of shit tool…

It’s not a tool…

Good job chad I applaud your efforts and work!