Remade prototype gamecover

I posed a hunter then i photoshoped the blade

C&C please

Thats damn cool

Awesome :D. Good work ^^.

Thats awesome man, bloody cool.

I suggest you img tag it, put the link between


Like so:

That’s awesome, man. Also:


Can we have the original also?

yea i have the original ill post it :slight_smile:


heres the original

That’s pretty cool. Good work.

I saw it at first and wondered why it was in this section, then I realized it was the hunter. Excellent job, you fooled me.

We should make a contest for game covers, cuz they can get awesome stuff like this.

If there is no contest I shall make one!

nipples.jpg :crossarms:

I also noticed this :smug:

That’s pretty sweet, though the blade looks a little too cartoony imo.

yea i name my pictures what i want when i post more you will prob notice then get use to it :stuck_out_tongue:


yea well i dont have the same programs as the guy that made the cover i tryed the best i could with photoshop and thats all i can do ill try harder to make it as Real as i can