Remaining Resistance member holding compund's front

i know theres no muzzleflash, but irl… muzzle flash appears for a flash second during shell ejection… ok ok i dont know how make a muzzle flash and the emitter muzzleflash was too big for a pistol.

Why Francis is wearing helmet?

uhh maybe hes a resistance member?

franis wears helmet on !!! i <3 this picture


Why not?

Nice picture, lightning’s a bit bland tho.

posing on the guy getting shot pretty much rules except for his left arm, which is held out really awkwardly, way too far out. bring it in a bit, make it look more natural. his whole pose just screams ‘OH FUCK I DIDN’T SEE YOU THERE OUCH STOP SHOOTING ME’ but that left arm ruins it :smith:

All that futuristic armor and they decide to use an L86 variant.

What a shame.

Great posing, but shoddy editing on the wounds.

Thanks for the comments guys, also sorry about the wound… im terrible at photoshop so i just use the hl2 pistol to make wounds

I don’t see any LSWs in there.

ye dude thats a L85 ;cc

yes, the l85 sure is a variant of the l86. they obviously designed it as a heavy-barrel light support weapon with bipod and even a monopod up back, then thought ‘nah fuck it’ and cut it down to that. clearly it wasn’t the other way around or anything.

don’t talk like you know shit unless you actually do, which would clearly preclude you from doing so.

Technically, the flash would be gone before the bullet reached the dude.

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So the pic ain’t all wrong.

why? at that range, with a bullet travelling (off the top of my head here) about 900fps, the impact would be nearly instant. the fact that unburned powder and other assorted detritus doesn’t magically vapourise the moment the bullet leaves the muzzle would imply it’s entirely likely it’d still be there - if not a flash (since it’s day and you don’t usually get a flash every shot, sometimes not even every third) then there should still be smoke hanging around the muzzle.