Remake or Reupload of PMC Headhacks

A Long time ago, Taggart made Headhacks of Kaffi’s PMC Models( ). But the Download link died and Taggart no longer has the models, so the file was never reupload. I tried to upload it to Garry’s Mod.Org, but it failed. And I lost the files in a Computer Reformat Last Month.

So If somebody is lucky enough to still has the models, can they reupload it or if the files were reupload by somebody else, can they please post a link to the file.

If not, can somebody remake them?

Original Forum for the models:

-snip- didn’t read

Those are the original models, I am talking about Headhacks that existed, but the download link for them died.

Edit: Is Anybody else interested in this?


These need to be found.

And you need to check the date of the last post before yours. This thread is 2 years old, so why bump it?

You think bumping 2 year old threads is funny?