Remake Your PC for Gmod Challenge.

Hey guys just thought I would put a little modelling challenge up on here just to see what kind of results I get.

The Challenge is to remake your Computer as a prop for gmod (or many props if you remake the mouse keyboard etc) I am mostly doing this because I am bored but I will remake my pc also. Anyway I hope to see some good entrys.

I will be remaking my whole pc, so mouse keyboard moniter, speakers mouse pad etc.

Anyway I hope to see some good remakes.

Sounds fun to do. Now if only I could model. :frowning:

This actually sounds really cool, I’ll get working on this if I get a break in classes.

Might work on this for the lolz

but you’ll all laugh at my cheapass case

Hahaha some variety is good, we dont want all the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

This would be intresting to see if anyone have finished it by now.

Done i made mine a computer from CS_office

Stop it… Counter Strike Source is so old. We need a new computer and tv.

Here’s my terribly simple and super quick attempt to be funny.

Disclaimer: This ten second model does not represent any final ingame object, the objects shown in the above image are for private use only.

Let’s revive this shit!

Charging 200. Clear!

dammit, dumb me if you will, but the fact that i know how to model and not put any of my stuff into garrysmod just burns my biscuits.

Someone make an Antec 902 case and I’ll be done. :v:

Wow, that’s a sexy case.

It keeps my computer cool and free of dust. :smiley:

Requested ComputerCases:

Antec 902

Antec 1200

Cooler Master HAF

That’s a beefy comp ya got there…

I was requesting someone to model those.

Antec 1200 and Antec 902 has the same bottom. They are only different in height.

Now is this enough reference images?

I was browsing randomly and saw this thread, so with very little experience in modelling, several hours of frustrating work, and what turns out to be a useless trial of milkshape that won’t let me save the damn thing, here’s Claudia:

Really crappy old HP Pavilion I got second hand, no CD drive, mediocre specs, is actually held together with zip ties and duct tape. The thing sticking out of the back is the power supply that turned out to not fit in the case so I had to make the hole bigger.

Sadly I downloaded a trial of milkshape, and finished the entire thing before I tried to save it, and of course you can’t save in the trial, so that’s as much as I can do. Hopefully here soon I can either buy milkshape or another program and redo this now that I have a vague idea of what I’m doing.

Also for comparason here’s photos of the computer itself:

Can a experienced modeler tryout one of the things I gave a example on.