Remaking a map from a different game - Where should I start?

Hello Facepunch, I have recently set myself the goal of remaking the map Raid from Black Ops 2 for Counter Strike GO.

The problem is, however, that I don’t know where to start or what the first thing I should do is.
This isn’t the first time I’m going to make a map, in fact I have made a lot of maps for many Source games in the past. However it’s the first time I’m going to try to remake a map.

This is the material I have got so far (click to expand):

I will keep looking for videos and other pictures that could help me in some way

I would really appreciate that somebody gave me a hand with this, I just need directions and advice.

Thank you very much in advance.

You could see if you could get someone to rip the map as a model for you, then import it into Hammer and use it as a reference to remake with brushes. That’s how I’d do it, anyway.

If your looking to remake it from brushes, I’d suggest you to import the content first

That would make things much easier but the problem is that I don’t have the tools or skill to do so…

You’re gonna need to import alot of the models and convert textures to vtf’s & vmt’s alike. It’s going to be a tough job anyway.

I once played BO2 with a friend of mine and it was this map. As a mapper was very impressed with the design. If you re-do this you’ll learn alot from it that’s for sure

My idea was to remake it exclusively using CSGO content and the biggest problem right now is remaking the layout. Once that is done, the rest is simply applying textures and models.

Of course if I had anything I could use as a base the job could be simplified a lot

Mapping 101

  1. Gather reference images & write plans.
  2. Draw several layout sketches, pick the best one (you’ll skip this step unless you are planning on changing the layout for it to fit better with CS:GO gameplay)
  3. Block-out the entire level, make it 100% playable and do playtesting.
  4. create a Vertical Slice (Pick one part of the map and make it 100% complete)
  5. Complete the map using the VS as reference of quality to aim at.

This is the sort of planning I followed when re-making creek (Call of duty 4) for CS:GO Shameless plug

  1. find a part of the blockout that contains several generic features the map will contain.

  1. try out different things until that part of the map looks like what you’d want the entire map to look like.

  1. now re-create the entire map piece-by-piece keeping everything looking like the small “template” piece you made first.

screenshot log

text log

Best of luck!

Man, thank you so much. You have just made my day.

Looks like it can be done without the need of porting stuff, and since Raid follows a more “plain” layout, I should be able to do it.

Now that I know that it’s possible, I have everything to start working on it.

Thank you again! :smile:

Just FYI, another thing you could do is make a texture out of that layout/map thing, create a huge brush where the floor will go, and apply that texture, appropriately scaled. It’ll probably be blurry, but it should at least help you get proportions and stuff.

didn’t read the OP correctly

Spent some time creating these (click to enlarge):

Hopefully they will help. Red represents basic layout while green indicates secondary stuff. Blue indicates where a multiple floor building is.

Happy to be of help.
Do note that my map is more of a re-interpretation and less of a piece-by-piece remake. Most of the map is either completely custom or modified CSGO content. So depending on how close you want to keep to the original porting asses may be the best option.

Personally what I do if Im not porting the map is to find an overview of the map (Like you have, for proportions) and then start off with making the floor for everything.

You should convert it to a vtf, then stick on a brush and find a scale similar to the original map, then map following the outline.

Make sure you get the scale correct, because I saw a Nuketown map on the CS:GO workshop that was humongous compared to the BLOPS one.

Spent my free time today creating brushes on top of that overlay (click to enlarge):

Am I going the right way?

Just make sure your scale is correct before making any brushes!

I made a test compile a few minutes ago, and the scale is pretty accurate I must say. However, in COD you can sprint, in CS:Go you can’t. That’s another difference sadly :confused:

CS:GO’s default speed is between sprinting and walking in COD so it should be just fine

You can kinda simulate sprinting with a game_ui for each player and a player_speedmod.