Remaking DarkRP (Heavily modifing DarkRP)

Since I have seen a lot of hate going around for DarkRP ( like easy to get guns and more mingebags per foot then the normal server, except for a select few) I have decided to remake DarkRP into something anew.

Before you go crying and flaming about how DarkRP cannot be fixed, why Tacoscript is better, etc., hear me out, it’s easy to fix DarkRP’s flaws and making it completely different then what’s out there right now.

As of October 20th, 2010, I have recoded and remade most of DarkRP to hopefully alleviate most of the problems that comes from a easy to use script, and adding a lot of features.

Here is a overall feature list:

-Mining (4 Rock types; Gravel, Wood, Cobblestone, and Iron (Don’t ask how wood can be a rock type))

-Farming (4 Plant types; Corn, Melon, Banana, and Pumpkin (Need EP2, sorry.))

-Fishing (4 Fish types; Bass, Catfish, Brown Trout, Rainbow Trout(Taken from the Food And Household Items pack on, credit to who made that.))

-In depth item crafting, craft your weapons, items, books, etc, the only things that can be bought with the F4 Menu is the crafting table, Microwave, and Gunlab (Microwave is modified to cook food, instead of spawning it, Gunlab is needed to craft guns instead of making them automatically)

-Integration of the DerpRP Inventory system (Modified to work with the new items and stuff, since the normal pocket tool won’t cut it on this big of a scale)

-Integration of the DarkRP Car Dealer NPC and Sicknessmodels, all credit is to the respective makers of those addons (DarkRP Car Dealer is still being tweaked to save vehicles)

-Anti-RDM: Before you go mad from the fact RDM is allowed, hear me out, the Anti-RDM is setup like in GTA, where each star doesn’t help you, if you have two stars, you lose the keys Swep, then on 3 stars, Ability to drive and use the physgun, and then on four stars, you lose every gun except for Handguns and melee items, making Aimbotting bannable.

-No NLR: You ragdoll at one HP, and need to be healed in 300 seconds by a Medic (Restricted to not hold guns to prevent horrid abuse) or you respawn at a hospital (Default is set by way of citizen spawn)

-No Demotes: Because frankly, they’re stupid, and allow removal of jobs for retarded reasons. Instead, there is whitelisting on all job types (Evil path= Gangsters, Heroic= Police, Medic, etc.) and you need to apply like a Admin app (yes, some people will sell cop alongside Admin, but you can’t control those server owners)

-Skills: Yes, instead of having the ability to craft EVERYTHING, you choose a specific skill on what you want to do, basically creating an economy of some sort.
–Skill List: (Note the skills are gained by chat command, I can’t do derma.)

/woodworker: Simple enough, can be able to make furniture and other wooden items, pay is $3 an hour
/smelter: Can smelt the iron and other rocks together to make metal for smiths and other uses. $2 an hour
/blacksmith: Can combine said metal and make weapons of many types, only legal ones though. $4 an hour
/illegalsmith: Can combine said metal and make illegal items, like a AK-47 or the Sniper Rifle. No money paid
/drugdealer: Can combine Plants, Metal, and fish to make drugs, like Cocaine, heroin, or weed, for example. No money paid
/brawler: Unlike the other skills, he has 100 HP, and has a better chance at fighting, $1 an hour, intended for police/gangsters.
/cook: Can refine Plants and Fish into food to eat, $2 an hour
/diplomat: Is the only one able to /mayor, meaning they can’t go mayor without it, even if they win elections, they can’t use guns, and have 10 HP all the time. Meaning this is really for people who like being a politician, or Passive RP.

-Anti-Propblock: Well, you craft your props, so each has a set hp before detonating and dropping half the materials needed to make it, alleviating this was easy, and fun in my opinion.

-Job Features:

Ah, you chose to move to evocity, nice choice, you have a welfare check every day (30 Minutes) that’s of $5, plus a payday depending on your skillset (Press F1 to read up on those).
Weapons/items: Fists; keys; Physgun; Gravity Gun; Camera; Tool Gun

Evocity Police Department:
You managed to get hired via a online application, cool, don’t abuse it and such, like randomly arresting people, or your permanently fired. (It is bannable to craft as a cop, go to a player store to get items) Pay is $10 every 30 minutes.
Weapons/items: Police Baton; Glock 17c (4 Clips, 68 rounds); Benelli Super M3 (16 Buckshot); Flashlight

You don’t get paid, but your able to loot items and rob stores, where you can then sell the items on the black market, you also get a car jacker expansion to your fists (reload)
Weapons: Criminal Hands; Keys; Physgun; Gravity Gun

Evocity Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT):
You are the elite, when Police fail, you come up. You are only permitted to go out of the PD if you get a raiding warrant for the mayor, if there’s a hostage, and a major event (Zombie/Meteor storm (Meteor Storms cause a lot more damage now)) Otherwise, you are to guard the Mayor and the head council.
Weapons/Items: Medkit; HK-MP5 (4 Rounds, 100 bullets); P228 (shares MP5 ammo) Benelli M4 (Auto-Shotgun, 14 Rounds); Flashbang (x2); Kevlar (150 Max HP, add Brawler to get 200 HP); Silenced Sniper (2 Clips, 50 Ammo (SWAT do carry these around IRL, and it’s hard to noscope)); and finally, a Riot Shield. Pay is $20.

Evocity Mayor:
You got elected, congrats, you have the office for 7 years (a Week, you need to apply to forums to get elected) Decide what laws you want, what guns are legal, and what can be sold in stores, etc. Pay is $30

Evocity Council: (Admin Only)
You are responsible for securing the city, making sure it’s safe and that the mayor’s laws are sane. Pay is $25.

Evocity Paramedics:
You are responsible for healing and reviving the city’s residents, if you are caught corrupt (Basing) you will lose the job permanently. (Blacklisted) You get a payday of $8 an hour. You also cannot use guns.
Weapons/Items: Keys; Medical Healing device; Physgun; Gravity Gun

Mayor and Council can’t use guns, in addition, Mayor and council have 10 HP, so no action mayors are possible, sorry.

In short, I basically remade DarkRP into an entirely new RP gamemode, without any trying.

Post questions and comments below, and to Mods, if this is in the wrong section, feel free to move it.

I’ve never been too anti-DarkRP so I can’t speak for those who are but this sounds absolutely awesome. When will we see a server running this gamemode up?

This is retarded and from the looks if it you don’t know Lua.

Good Luck

He said he had already recoded it. It’s not something he’s still working on.

recoded isn’t dling addons

I really dont know if i think this is a good idea or not, i guess i’ll just have to see for myself when/if you put this on a server/release it.

The only Addons I used were DerpRP Inventory (Since the pocket wouldn’t cut it for a RP of this scale, plus I already said, I know NOTHING about Derma, bottom of my learning list actually.), Sickness Models (Because coding vehicles is a pain in the ass), and not to mention, I coded the Wanted System (to bring down RDM) the Item Crafting (and the idea for specific skills was needed to make it so the economy was balanced) No NLR is because well, NLR is one of the most retarded rules, ever. Like, say you get ran over while talking to someone on the sidewalk, what do you do then? Material gathering was because the F4 menu doesn’t add RP, it subtracts from it, the only thing you can buy from the F4 Menu, are the crafting tables, since crafting THOSE wouldn’t work and it would fuck up the Item crafting system.

Well, right now, I’m still making sure the bugs are all gone, and still deciding on a map, either evocity2_v2p or evocity_v1d, hard choice, since both are awesome RP maps, And I won’t have enough money for a server until Thanksgiving, maybe earlier if possible, right now, my primary goal is to recode DarkRP and debug it enough to the point where it’s likeable by the majority again, and is no longer seen as the Minge’s RP gamemode.

P.S. This is getting released after I see how well coded it is, if it’s mostly bug free, expect a release for it, but a private version with constant features added to it for the original server.

How the shit do you mine wood? Man… do some research before you make a design document.

I guess you would mine wood by trees?
This looks like a FANTASTIC idea! I’m really looking forward to a release of this.

Let’s say they’re petrified, ok? Besides that, in Evocity, theres so many trees, it’d be hard to find the right type.


Hey, what other reason could it be? and again, as I said, Evocity has too many trees, that it would create a lot of confusion and flaming towards not finding trees that are farmable.

Seems like some good additions. Nice work.

Another case of someone trying to fix what’s not broken by changing what’s working.

I mean, honestly. What if you instead focus on solving ISSUES, NLR isn’t an issue, demotion isn’t an issue, it’s something that has been present since the first release, and the only thing that stops almost all DarkRP servers from becoming a mingefest.

Want issues, here’s some!

[li]There’s no default support for a consistent inventory system. In fact, there’s no support for items, per se. A thirdparty addon is not an option.
[/li][li]You’re not making a new gamemode at all, it’s just the same damn thing only with more redundancy!
[/li][li]Chat commands are outdated now that we have derma, and the fact that you don’t know it/want to learn it makes me highly doubt that this will amount to anything. But oh well.
[/li][li]The problem isn’t that there are just not enough jobs in default DarkRP, the main issue with the gamemode ( And I must say the only issue that has remained constant since the first iteration ) is that there’s absolutely nothing to do with the default jobs except for the SAME DAMN THING. You should expand the default jobs, not create new ones

To me this sounds like a fusion of darkrp and perp.

Once again i agree with you.
However the resource gathering and crafting might to some degree remove this, it should atleast make things a little less boring.

Well, NLR wouldn’t work, simply due to the Anti-RDM (Read; Wanted Stars; Crap gets worse for the RDMers, while making sure Cops have a fair fight) Whitelisting (To avoid random wants and the general Job abuse) wouldn’t work with Demotions, since a lot of people rage demote, not to mention demoting in the middle of the fights.

I’ll answer the issues in a list format as well, for the sake of organisation.

  • The reason i’m using a thirdparty addon is because I just want to get this all out, as in, done to the point of playability.

*Well, if I removed a good amount of crap from the F4 Menu (Guns, Cars, etc. The only remains are the Crafting Tables and the seeds, since I want to avoid using NPCs as much as possible, the only NPCs there are are Job giving NPCs and the Car Dealer NPC (The gamemode is being designed for Evocity2_v2p))

*Chat commands are old fashioned, anyone can understand them, plus, it requires recoding the existing DarkRP Derma for me to add the Skillset commands to the F4 Menu, which is something i’ll do later, since it’ll require delays and many, many trials and errors.

*Well, the old DarkRP Jobs are gone, the remains are Citizen, Gangster, Medic, Police Officer, Mayor, and a new one, SWAT, since this is designed to be ModernRP. I added Skillsets so Citizens can have a usage outside of being gun fodder, for example, Woodworker makes props, Gun Smith crafts the guns, but needs the Smelted resources from Smelter, who needs resources from anyone, etc.

Plus, i’m planning on adding more stuff to it, of which it will be after I get all the code finished and a Playable server up, of which, unless it gets popular, will only be up for a month.

Don’t add in SWAT. It’s honestly the most useless job ever. It basically goes like this:

What everyone thinks SWAT is/wants SWAT to be: The special police that stealthily eliminate high priority targets, get cool special equipment, and do kick ass stuff like jump through cracked windows on the 5th story of a building and spray shotgun fire into the room killing the dangerous gang leader and anyone else unfortunate enough to get in their way.

What SWAT always actually ends up being: You get a shotgun, no arrest stick, no one ever actually needs you to stealthily eliminate anyone, because the police can just charge in and shoot anyone they need to, so you always end up either standing around doing nothing or RDMing out of boredom, you try to do cool shit like jump through the cracked window on the 5th story of a building but you always miss and die.

SWAT actually has a usage, For one, they have a Whitelist, which will be pain to get, more so then police, and they get a special tranq gun, twice the range of the Police’s Tranq, it is also in that it does it longer, but only if they have 1 star, to avoid abuse (Suspects having the one star) and their shotgun doubles as a door buster, currently, it busts down all doors, but I can make it for a certain wanted group, can’t really test it in singleplayer though, sorry.

And who would like the Idea of having to craft a computer to use the F4 Menu? Rate Agree if you would like to see it, or Disagree if you don’t want to see it.

It seems interesting, but not my kind of game. I assume you plan on releasing the code for other people to use, which is always a plus. ^^

The big feature I like is the Anti-Propblock, which is really more of a prop-health thing. It’s a good idea, and might think of incorporating such a feature into gamemodes I work on in the future. How do you determine a prop’s health? Mass? Volume? A mixture of both? Just wondering, since you would assume a heavy, large prop might last longer.

In your item crafting, is it like the mixing of items (like in Minecraft or something) or just a have-this-tool-and-use-it-with-menu sort of thing like in Stranded?

Well, for the prop damage, the props are entities, it’s simple enough to code, i’ll admit, makes me wonder why most 12 year olds can’t take an hour to learn it.

It’s like Minecraft, but like perp in that you need a certain skill, and the materials physically placed on a table. I may learn derma and put it in a menu or something, but this will do for first release.

And the code will be released… it’s just if I make a server of it (And I will, since I have to test the code outside of Local and Singleplayer) and it gets popular, i’ll make two versions, one is the open version, DarkRP Reloaded, then my server’s version will be StarRP(insert Version # here), which, won’t be released.