Remaking Deku Tree & Bridge of Elderon

I need some help with remaking the Deku Tree & Bridge of Eldin. I have the sketches for both. My wii was just recently stolen and I cant finish checking details on the Deku Tree so does someone want to help make this with me because I have to basically restart. all i need is the files for the 3d model of the deku tree of loz: oot. just filehost that shit! The Bridge of Eldin shouldnt be as hard as I thought but I think it would be cool if we got someone to make a new npc model of the hogs that the shadow thingamajigz ride. What do you think? Maybe also create custom bones in the bridge so enough damage done to it, it will begin breaking from mid center just like in the loz:tp concept.

Steam: ChewyDuck

I have my own server on Gmod if you want to show some ideas for npcs etc. Just send me f.r and then we’ll get to work

Do you have any pictures of what you have so far?

Man up and remake the original OOT deku tree. Much more respect from that.

Oh the nostalgia.

Its Eldin not Elderon.

Sorry im a loz: oot & loz: mm fan. Not as much the new stuff, thanks for telling me though


Its going to be the exact remake *copy of the deku tree from oot. Im using some diff stuff to get the original 3d models from the map onto my computer and then putting into some 3d mdl prgrms and then just checking the broken strings and extra brush strokes. its going to be some work but i think it will be good


yes and ill post them in a seperate thead soon, its just i want to remove some brush strokes first and check the broken strings etc.

What? Broken strings? Brush strokes?

If you straight import it as an .mdl and convert it into vmf you’ll end up with a mess, you will most likely need to completely remake it.