Remaking fire effect...

Hello all,

And again welcome to another help thread from me. I don’t know but if you remember, i got, a long time ago, a problem with ENTITY:Ignite witch stopps working after a certain amount of flamed objects.

So recently i found a set of textures to make an animated fire. However these textures are in JPG and contains a black background…

I need then to find a way to replace black background of those textures by an alpha 0 value. I can make that using OpenGL, but using GmodLua, i don’t know…

Does anyone know a way to achieve this ?

Gimp or paintshop…

Are you crazy !?

With 500 textures, and you will maybe be dead before you finish to photoshop every 500 textures !!!

You can do batch jobs, not edit each one individually or find a different set of textures already in png format.

You mention photoshop so if you have access to that then a batch job with replace colour is the way to go.

There’s no ways to make any batch using photoshop, and in all cases I haven’t learned the Windows Batch language…

So you want us to spoonfeed you the solution?

Ok there we go, photoshop seams to be batching correctly every 500 textures.

After all, i’ll let VTFEdit to batch them all again into 1000 vmt/vtf files !

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Batch complete, i’ve now all textures as vmt and vtf. However, i got another problem : library function render.SetMaterial does not accept any vmt or vtf, so how can i bind the materials and render it ?