Remaking the default cars into more realistic ones

I made a mention of it in the model request thread, but I’ve been thinking more on it and how it could be expanded. There’s this project me and a few other users here are working on and part of it involves realistic cars and the plan was to start off with editing some of the vehicles that come with the Hammer SDK and make them look a bit more lifelike and detailed, such as making this car look like a 1980s Buick Century, etc.

So if anyone’s interested, lemme know. I’ll give credit and all.

A little note for you: the L4D one is a '90s Buick Century, not an '80s one. Second, I’ve actually been rebuilding that Buick as a side project, though my others come first(namely the Blazer, K1500, Rally Fighter, Aspen, Topkick, and Rolls Royce that I’m making for Lonewolfie). I’ll be getting back to that one though since I want to make a good driveable one.

I know the L4D one is a 1990s Century. I’m more keen into the 1980s ones because my dad had one and it was one of my favorite-most cars, very fitting for the midwest and the protagonist’s car.

Do you have any pictures of what you’ve done so far? The project sounds interesting.

Ah. My dad and sister-in-law have the '90s Century, and yeah, either or are indeed fitting. Now I don’t have much to show for the Century reconstruction since it’s still at an early stage of cleanup, but it would be easy enough to make an '80s one out of the parts provided, as well as my own fabrications. I can show the Blazer and K1500 however, which are also midwestern vehicles (also, incidentally, owned by myself and my dad, respectively).

I can’t find a single fault with my dad’s old Century. My brother inherited it after he died along with his El Camino and Harleys, but ended up selling them. From what I noticed, an '80s Century is the same as the 90’s Century like what’s in L4D, but more “boxy”. I don’t know how different the interiors or engines are between them. My dad’s Century was red/burgandy, but thats all I know.

I’m super interested in seeing the Blazer & K1500 if you’re willing to show them :slight_smile:

Yours was red with a burgandy interior too? Shiiiiet! Same here! As for interiors, I can actually reuse the dashboard that I’m freshly fabricating for yours, as well as the seats. Door panels will change, as will dressing panels in the interior, but it’ll all be good. The exterior sheetmetal was revamped in 1990 though, so not much is shared between the two variants there(though I can definitely reform it to match the '80s Century). I’ll also need to fabricate new windows for the C-pillars, but that’s easy.

Now, for my K15 and Blazer, here’s one of the pics:

That doesn’t really do them justice though. The Blazer alone has 8 sets of wheels, 2 entire interiors(with custom seats, center consoles, door panels, dashboards, and steering wheels), 4 front bumpers, 2 rear bumpers, 2 sets of mirrors, 5 grilles, 4 headlight variants, several radio head units, several trim types, an engine and drivetrain components, and a full set of openable doors. It is the most comprehensive model of one of those things ever. The K1500 is less comprehensive but more specifically detailed, with a bodykit and interior courtesy of MarkIII conversions, a Leer camper top, and sawblade wheels made ONLY for the chevys of that time by American Racing. Finding that info is more of a pain in the ass than I’d like to admit. Now I make take a while in hacking these frankencars together, but I’m pretty sure that the work speaks for itself.

You had the burgandy interior too? That’s crazy! Now I’m wondering if that was standard on other Centuries of that era or if it was an option. Thanks for helping me out with this, it means a lot!

The Blazer & K15 look amazing! They look different than the vehicles that come with the SDK though. It’s hard to put a word on it. Is it a render or something like that? I know a buddy of mine who makes car mods for GTA and his renders look like that. They do look quite nice, though. The logos/branding also look quite nice. Now I gotta think of a logo for a Buick parody :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks man. and that pic wasn’t taken in the SDK: since I have a really low powered computer to work with I just set them up with some old projects that I made in Sketchup for simple renders. A lot of simple renders for 3D modeling programs look similar, as evidenced by your friend there. Now I have to ask, are you looking to have an authentic set of badges and grille for the Century? Or are you still looking to go for generic badges, like the original?

Not really specific Buick badges, and not generic badges. If anything, probably a parody Buick logo and some play on words for Century (I’ve been thinking “Capital”). I sent you a PM asking you if you had skype and if you do, that’s groovy cool because we can talk further there.