Remaking the Purge need help scripting(prize for helping and recognition)

Hello guys Lets get started. Im going to break this up into three different catergories. I First want to say i dont want to waste anyones time or ask for freebies but if anyone could help me create the following i would willingly pay a fair sum of money to that person whos code we end up using for me and my freinds project of a 100$ prize to anyone whos script works for our gamemode we are making.

the following are

A working Respawn delay script where for the first 3 minutes of the game people can spawn in and use pys guns and tool guns but not weapons then after the 3 minute is over a clock will comence for 10 minutes where players have access to weapon and not any sort of tool other than weapons. also during this 10 minute period players may not spectate or respawn. the round is over when a single person is still alive or his group that he is in is still alive. at the end of the round props will disappear and players who are alive will be where they left off but dead players will respawn back at start. we also want for this project to use props as barricades but at the same time want players to be able to damage those props.

I know i may be assking alot from some of you but if you provide us with a working code that we can use for our game mode not only will you recieve a 100$ prize but you will receive recognition for helping us bring back The Purge round based server which has been missed by many. we also want to host this online for people to play and for our freind floppy who put in alot of effort trying to build the original version which i have to say beats all the DARKRP server Purge modes while ours wont be 100% the same as his we want ot develope his idea and help him get back what he has lost. For all you fans of the electric mango community this is for you.

also a bonous 50$ to someone who can disable the “Q” menu, and HUD from the original game so we can add our custom HUD.(partners request)

Hey, to hide hud and q menu,

local hide = {
	CHudHealth = true,
	CHudBattery = true,

hook.Add( "HUDShouldDraw", "HideHUD", function( name )
	if ( hide[ name ] ) then return false end
end )

And for spawn menu, you need to create it, example for base, find this file

And replace true in function “function GM:SpawnMenuOpen()” to false

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Ok that script you sent worked of course but now he has another question is he going to need to copy this script. also from the link you sent SteppuFIN? this will simply disable the spawn menu option to open it correct?

Yes. It will prevent the spawn menu from drawing.

Just find that file, and replace the false with true, the link gives the default file that should be in gmod if im right, So, wheres my bonus?

Add me on stram if you still need the respawn script, i think i maybe can do it.

Yeah you earned it teppuFIN i can pay you through paypal just send me a private message with the account you want me to send funds to and next friday when i get payed ill send you the funds :smiley: