Remaking thread as last wasn't fixed. Gmod crashes at startup.

Alright, Gmod crashes without a error report at startup. The game starts with a blue screen before closing itself. I get a quick glance at the game on my library and see “syncing” but that is my only lead. I have deleted local files and verified caches over ten times these last few months. I have tired the -dxlevel 81 -swlevel 81 -dxlevel (my computers resolutions) and a few others without it working.
I have nothing but in my server folder and I only have the 5kb note that I assume is default in the addons folder. I on a PC with windows 8. I have deleted Avast and cannot think of any would be hold backs due to firewalls… Please Help!

GS:Go, CSS, and Team Fortress 2 work.
I updated my Nvidia driver.
I googled how and updated my Directx.
Tired Gmod…and it doesn’t work.

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IIRC, GMod has issues with Windows 8. Try upgrading to 8.1 or downgrading to 7.