Remap Keybinds

Hi all, fairly new to game still… just hit 10 days in, a couple of things that have been… bugging me, is the key binds set up in game, most of which I was able to rebind through the options menu, however the action bar (1-6) doesn’t appear to be on that menu, is there a way you can edit those keys in particular? I am looking to rebind 5 and 6 to something a bit easier to hit, like maybe Q and C… thanks.

Also, looking forward to FoV slider… :smiley:

Great game

There is not, may be possible with something like autohotkey but you’d have to experiment/do your research on how to get that working. I tried it briefly but wasn’t able to get it to come out as the right key in game for some reason and gave up quick, but it did work for doing things like typing /location for me with 1 single keypress so I’m sure it’s possible.