Remember Franks Chainsaw concept? Found a Unity Video..

A while back Frank Wall posted a cool idea of a Chainsaw concept, so today when i was looking up some Unity stuff i found a very interesting video that could make Franks Idea come true and speed up the grind when harvesting wood as well as freak out some Newmans Horror Movie style or even Chain Swords like the Ultra Marines of Warhammer 40k.

Wouldn’t a chainsaw make all mellee weapons useless?

Not really, melee weapons require no fuel other than body energy. Once a chainsaw runs out of fuel its useless

I say your opponent is dead before the chainsaw runs out of fuel or he is heavily damaged and you gonna finish him with any other mellee weapon.

Kind of like guns.
I’d think it would be a very loud tool and if you had the resources to make one I don’t think you’d be the sort to rely on a machete for defence.

I’ve really liked the idea of collecting the resources and having the trees fall over. It would break up the monotony of cutting down trees (doing it for the axe as well) as well. Tree stumps every where would be cool to see instead of blank hillside with bushes.

I’d love one of those old timey 2 man saws as well.

Well true though that depends on how the fight begins and is played out. I could just run away horror movie style, trip in the forest a couple of times, and hope my pursuer runs out of fuel before they catch me.

That’s pretty cool. I like the way the tree falls and can be cut into sections.

yeah i liked that part, all i need now is a Hockey mask and Jasons outfit and I’m set.

agree with trees falling over, would make wood collecting much more interesting

Cool +1

And everyone will starts screaming that the idea was stolen from “The Forest”

And yours was stolen from STIHL :excited:

While chainsaws are very good at cutting through wood, cutting through bone and stronger requires a really high quality one. I’m going to go ahead and assume a “Rust” chainsaw won’t be very high quality. Therefore, wearing bone / metal armour should significantly decrease the effectiveness of using a chainsaw as a weapon.

Are you sure?
July 1, 2014