"Remember me, lad?"

“You sold me out for a bunch of BOOTS?”

Hells, fuckin’ yes.

I love the boots!

They’re nice boots though…

Some -OH GOD FURRY- clipping on the pistol grip and on the Soldier’s ammo pouch. Good overall.

Dammit Kahn I’m going to molest the shit out of you if you pull this again.


Oh shit you’re frost.


Maybe we can settle our differences, over some… Milk.

Too late now.
You’re on my list and I’m checking it twice.

Yiff me motherfucker :v:.

omg molesting is a crime


also yiff is disgusting

Sup guys. :v:

Posing looks ok from what I can see, and angle looks alright. Bit dark in my opinion though.

so is spamming someones thread
ON TO THE PICTURE I think the skins look strangely low quality


my god again with the automerge breaks


also yeah work on your fingerposing theres a good deal of clipping going on ther

Get the fuck out of my thread, furries, and get back to your subforum.
Anyway, thanks for the criticism.