Remember, NO WIFIN' (Slenderman and his men about to go on a rampage in Da Club)

Brb, going to make a better Slenderman model, with a better suit.

slenderman should be taller. link to model? :c00l:

I know, but I wont give the link to that model cause it’s pretty bad. [sp]No offense Jaanus, your models are good, but this one was not as good.[/sp] Might make another one if Dean lets me use his robber models as a base.

(User was banned for this post ("Not what spoiler tags are for" - Uberslug))

My god that is a big bill.

This died pretty fast.

Jaanus blocked me from his steam.

You are too optimistic for him.

posing looks wierd

Little clipping on the bill but pretty good otherwise.

Since when does he need a gun?

Since the pose takes plece on the mission “No Russian” in Modern Warfare [sp]and you kill everyone in the airport with big guns :buddy: [/sp]


Here you go:

No bumpin’

Yeaaah. i made that Slendie. it’s sort of. been removed from filefront as they are complete mongs who love to randomly remove shit. i don’t have it anymore.

It wasn’t.

It just says that file is unavailible :smithicide: