remember remember the 25th of december - help...

I get these random pop ups in singleplayer/multiplayer. Please help me im so scared atm. this shit scared me. I SHIT MY FUCKEN PANTS. im a really emotional kid and i like playing games like fnaf please help me.

these are the links that pop up…

Before you say “its probably a backdoor addon” its not. I made sure i removed all of em and I reinstalled Gmod the 3rd time.

there were pictures of isis beheadings also with names of people alongside “your next” on them

*All these information i was trying to get was 2 days straight, 9 hours each day.

Oh yeah, you tell us.

It’s most definitely a shitty backdoored addon you have installed.

Bs… i dont have anything in my workshop.

You obviously do

don’t believe then

Are you sure there aren’t any files you don’t recognize? Because you’re either using backdoored addons or exploitable (and actively exploited) addons.

Gmod does not have a “creep you out with ISIS gore” function call.


Turn off cloud sync, uninstall any addons and Gmod, and then delete the entire Gmod folder out of the Steam folder structure.

Then install Gmod but no addons and try joining a sandbox server.

Yeah, delete the folder as well, don’t just rely on steam’s delete function

ill just delete 1 by 1

Steam delete button won’t remove addon, data and such, just press it then go to the folder and delete the rest

Unsubscribe from everything then go into your Steam folder and manually delete the Garrys Mod folder. Then delete it on Steam so you can reinstall it.

If after that you still have an issue then you don’t, what’s actually happening is that you’re full of shit.

Like anyone can help you? You are ours now to control.

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“im a really emotional kid and i like playing games like fnaf please help me”

I don’t mean to be rude, but are you sure OP isn’t one of the skids themself? Seems almost satirical and entirely irrelevant to the rest of the post. On the off chance “FNAF” actually needs help:

-Go here:[your_profile]/myworkshopfiles/?appid=4000&browsefilter=mysubscriptions
-Click every unsubscribe button, right click the page, reload, and repeat until there are no buttons left to click
-Go into GMod
-In the console (hit “`”), enter “menu_cleanupgmas” without quotes
-Delete any legacy addons, which are folders located in steamapps/common/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons/ and restart gmod


Action: Delete all items in folder “addons”.

before unsubscribing to everything please post your subscribed list so we can figure out what the fuck is doing this