Remember the guy with "Dynamic Water" in Source? I have it too.

Remember this guy?

It was pretty cool what he did. The only problem was what he did looked like shit, and more importantly, he was being an asshole about it, refusing to tell anyone how he did it.

So I decided to do it right and do it myself.

It’s very easy to do what he did, and I did it 10x better. I’m at work right now so i can’t give specifics, but all it involves is a collision controller in the particle system.

The only problem is i can’t think of what to do with it gameplay-wise. You can’t detect particles in a volume so you can’t do anything like filling up buckets :frowning:

Here’s a download link if you want to play around with it.

If you do it in GMod you don’t need the particle_manifest.txt file. Also if you’re going to mess with it in GMod you’ll probably want this:

You’ll have to type the name of the system manually into the tool. Its name is “water_faucet”.


That is very cool.

I am 99% sure I saw something sort of like this on youtube earlier. did you replicate that?

You could have a puzzle map where you have to turn a bunch of switches and rotate some shit to make the water go to a certain thing to activate it.

To be honest, just looks like you gave it a refracting material unlike the first video.

His has better physics, it doesnt bounce like its rubber
Also, it could be used to create games where you have to funnel the water into a bucket.

This would be a good contender for the fretta gamemode contest - Channel the water into a bucket to complete the level.

Is there any noticeable lag or slowdown when it’s spewing water?

woah thats cool. How did ya do it?

It looks and acts more like ice sludge to me, but it’s pretty cool. Good job.

Damn, thats pretty fucking awesome
good job

I can’t really see a lot, you should make it brighter.

The physics on the water aren’t that realistic though.

Show me a game with realistic water physics. The one that was entirely based around water doesn’t count.

It looks to me that yours has no impact on the physics entity when the water hits it.
Eg water spray’s on a barrel the water collides but the barrel takes no physics impact

But fucking awesome work anyway.

My reaction to the first video


My reaction to the second video


My reaction when I saw the download.


fucking incredible

Sexy shit.

Hello awesome hidden water fall bases