"Remember this ugly bastard's face..."

We need moar Halo models. Preferably with better flexibility than these fucks.

Took me forever to figure out what was going on in the right, arm over shoulder.

Forever? I just posted this 2 minutes ago. Man you crazy.

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But I get what you mean.

When my brain stresses out, time slows; sorry for the misconception.

I like the lighting!

Looks great!

I like the rugged “We’ve got experience” look the guys have to them.

I like it. They don’t actually look like they’re trying too hard (like in most screenshots) but in this one they actually look professionally cold and experienced.

That smoke is thick as shit. A for artistic.

this is awesome

New wallpaper
and A plus work man i fuckin love halo

You’re the toughest the generic half-life citizens have to offer. Show 'em what you’re made of!

cigar smoke is way too thick
unless like
it’s a space cigar
and they uh
have more smoke?