Remember Us...Remember Reach

Been playing Halo:Reach this week so I just had to use the Halo:Reach Spartan model for this profile shot of Noble 6, my least favourite aspect of this is the embers but thats me C&C as always

That is, in fact, quite beautiful I say.

A friend of mine said he thought it was concept art from the game!! By the way man, did you manage to get the link to that HK tank?

Ah fuck, I forgot about that. Uploading immediately.

Got the original unedited screenshot?


Yes sir, majority of the bloom and lighting was done in-game then moved onto photoshop and voila!

The jaggies on his helmet add a lot of feelings into this picture

Nice job

LOL even in the original it still looks nice


I , especially, like the simplicity of it. Has a charm to it.

Shit. That’s a pretty fair difference.

Damn… he beat me too it.

Well I am not one to fly in the face of public opinion, thanks man.

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I love doing bust or profile screenies like my Darth Vader one I did awhile back, even though he and Noble 6 wear helmets you can see they have alot of thought and emotion process going on.

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Ah shucks